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8 December 2009


Just spilling over from a discussion on Rink and Run re: the power play. I’ll discuss, Shakespeare style.

Two opinions, both alike in dignity,
On the Internet, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where power play stats makes Bulldog fans unclean.
From forth the fatal minds of these few foes
A set of Bulldog fans state their thoughts;
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with this post find the facts they sought.
The statistics of our special teams prove,
The true merits on which to judge their fight,
Which, but my number crunching, nought could remove,
Is now these few lines’ traffic of my site;
The which if you with patient eyes attend,
What here shall miss, my toil shall strive to mend.

What say ye, Stats Man?
Here are the unbiased statistics on the powerplay:

Vs. “Bad” teams (LSSU, MSUM, Clarkson, MTU, UMN): 19-62, 31%
Vs. “Good” teams (NMU, SCSU, CC, UND): 6-40, 15%

And in response, Hockey Fan?

Bad teams don’t necessarily have bad penalty kills. The bottom line is that our power play is one of the best in the nation. It isn’t perfect, but it’s very good.

And, let’s go to the numbers!

Lake Superior State
Record: 1-0
Our PP: 33.3%
Their PK: 85.3%

Northern Michigan
Record: 0-1
Our PP: 0%
Their PK: 82.6%

Minnesota State
Record: 2-0
Our PP: 38.4%
Their PK: 82.8%

St. Cloud State
Record: 0-1-1
Our PP: 25%
Their PK: 84.6%
+9.6% (Although they did get 2 SHG)

Record: 2-0
Our PP: 20%
Their PK: 75.3%

Colorado College
Record: 1-1
Our PP: 16.7%
Their PK: 88.6%

Michigan Tech
Record: 1-1
Our PP: 50%
Their PK: 62.2%

Minnesota-Twin Cities
Record: 2-0
Our PP: 18.2%
Their PK: 82.9%

North Dakota
Record: 1-1
Our PP: 12.5%
Their PK: 88.2%

So, overall, tUMD has performed at or above the level where the opponents’ PK would predict we perform. They have the 7th best power play in the country.

Now, why doesn’t it feel that way sometimes?

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