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4 January 2010


tUMD 2, Catacheats 5

F. Scott Fitzgerald called January “the Monday of months,” and my god is it true. I’m sitting here waiting for the Novocaine to wear off so I can go to work, and it is -1 outside. It’s actually warmer in Duluth than it is in Minneapolis. Kill me now.

Overall yesterday was a great sports day! The Vikings won, the Eagles lost, which secured the Vikings’ #2 seed and first round bye, and Team USA beat Sweden to advance to the gold medal round in the World Junior Championships (which is watched, according to PA, by the other person on the show with him, someone named “Fluffy,” Ryan Cardinal, and 8 other people. 6 others after you count Dirty and me.) Sandwiched in between these wonderful things was a not-so-wonderful hockey game. Although there was a mascot hockey game which involved a seahorse, a donut, and Grimace.

Yeah, there were a lot of penalties. In the first period. What about the other two? I don’t think anyone’s gonna look back and be proud of yesterday. Oh well. Come back to league play with a chip on your shoulders. Take those Tigers and tell them where to stick that last game we had against them. Especially that horrid Nate Prosser. We won’t have those EZAC [er, Hockey Least… or whatever] refs again, so we can put all that nonsense behind us and get back to the usual WCHA style of officiating which, flawed as some may see it, is at least familiar. Other than that? Just move on.

Wins until we reach last season’s total: 2 (NONCON)
Points until we reach last season’s total: 10 (NONCON)

My Guys
Jack Connolly: 28!
Brady Lamb: 10
Mike Seidel: 8

Dylan Olsen: 9
Mike Seidel: 8
Wade Bergman: 2
Keegan Flaherty: 2
Dan Delisle: 1
Jake Hendrickson: 1
Drew Olson: 1

Jacky: 28!
Mikey: 20

Drew: 1
Dylan: 9

Olson: 10
Akins: 17

On Notice
Dan Delisle
Keegan Flaherty
Drew Olson

Goals Only
Jordan Fulton
Chad Huttel
Scott Kishel
Mike Montgomery
Dylan Olsen
Mike Seidel

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  1. 5 January 2010 3:02 am

    >cc sucks!Go Bulldogs!!


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