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22 January 2010


So, this morning I was checking Pates’ blog (which I do like 500 times a day because I do a lot of things to try to get through the day, so I am totally jacking up his hit count) and he had this post:

UMD captain Drew Akins, majoring in communications, has an internship with the school’s sports information department and will be doing a Bulldog Blog on the UMD sports Web site.

What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks? Please, Drew. I ask you to be a guest columnist on RWD and you let it go to your head? That’s it. I am going to insert myself into the lineup for the Bulldogs. YOU SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT. I will punch someone in the groin and receive a game disqualification.

Anyway, I will give you some tips. For example, let’s start off with that photo. You seem unhappy in it. Perhaps a new one? It is definitely not your best expression. Secondly, you need a catchy name. I know that the best name is already taken (Runnin’ with the Dogs) but as a communications major, you need a title that, uh, communicates. Maybe something that rhymes like Drew’s News. Or something witty like A Little Captain. You could change your photo to one in with a leg up! Or Dirty’s idea, the Akins Diatribe. I’m really nice and didn’t take credit for that. I’m no Bobby Goepfert.

The content I really have no beef with, although I would prefer shorter paragraphs. White space! White space! White space! I am anxious to find out the winners of the ping pong tournament.

But lay off the Photoshop. That’s my schtick. Mama will cut you.

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  1. 22 January 2010 10:13 pm

    >Have you seen Jacky dance?But seriously, that picture of tAkins leaves a LOT to be desired. He should replace it with one from the lake. And who is that Matt Brown guy from Bemidji? I liked Donald's comment==Most Verbose Prattler or something like that.


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