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17 March 2010


tUMD 3, Tiggies 2 (OT)
tUMD 3, Tiggies 5
tUMD 4, Tiggies 0

Yes. I know. It is Tuesday. Blah. Bite me.

Friday I missed the whole game. I had class. It was very stressful. Especially since I started my quiz knowing the score was 2-1. Overtime win. Yay.

Saturday I had school all day and then zoomed up. Learned that I 100% definitely absolutely did not win the high school hockey pool. This comes as no surprise. There is no way someone in this universe had a perfect AA pool.

Oh Saturday. Team Cougar needed you to be a good day, and you were not. We lost in the fantasy league playoffs. Arghs. Well, at least we didn’t have to pay.

Saturday I split my time between the student section and the other end of the rink with my family. The first period was somewhat uneventful. tUMD scored early in the game and I felt hope.

And then my hopes were dashed by two CC goals within a minute of each other. And then brought back up by 2 power play goals by tUMD (going 3 for 3 at the time). And also very very very very very very very confused, as tUMD was called for icing on the PK. This caused some shenanigans. And then my hopes were dashed again by a CC PPG.

I want to discuss the fourth CC goal for a moment. It was a result of a scrum in front of the net that lasted for about 10 hours. Many others have pointed it out, but really, refs, did you have your eyes on the puck the whole time?

Saturday night was fun, although not as fun as a sweep would have been. And also it wasn’t very fun to freeze my everything off on an air mattress while listening to Yager and Mike snoring on the couches. Blahhhh. Most of Sunday I was hung over without drunkenness. AGAIN. Cruel.

And then Sunday. And the perfect game. Or a perfect game. The FF championship game against DU was probably more perfect, but still.

There were many penalties, certainly. One was called 6 seconds into the game, which is probably the quickest penalty I’ve ever seen. tUMD did not score on that PP. Huttel got kicked out of the game. He seemed very angry about it. Perhaps it was for the best, we did not need anyone getting DQd. (More on that later.) Gabe Guentzel was also kicked out of the game. Then Nate Prosser was stupid and took a penalty too. He tried to hurt My Jacky I think. UNACCEPTABLE. So we got a goal during that 5×3 and then another one. See, Gophers, this is how you do it. Also we did the Mexican hat dance. And Biddco did a 3-legged-race and came in 2nd, a MAJOR comeback from last place, facilitated by two other teams falling.

I was so happy with a win! The final playoff game at the DECC, and it’s won in a commanding fashion. With ALLEGEDLY 3402 people there. Right. But anyway, AMAZING. Lovely. Glorious. And Drew had a nice little speech. It was cute.

And I got home at midnight Sunday, and had to work the next morning. Good lord. I’m STILL tired. Kill me.

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  1. 17 March 2010 4:04 pm

    >Hope you are in good shape for Thursday night's game. The undies deserve to be undone.


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