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18 July 2010


I have a crappy camera, so here are some crappy photos from this morning’s scrimmage. Justin did not have any points after his 2-goal showing yesterday. The score was 3-1 White (Fonz’s team) (including an empty net goal) and the game itself was relatively lackluster. I guess they were told to do a better job for the season ticket holders? Suckmidji’s Matt Read had the first goal of the game, which was… probably not the best goal he’s ever scored. Someone named Brandon Buck from the ECHL got the second goal, and then Cody Almond, who might actually be in the Wild’s lineup this fall, got the goal for green. CC’s Chad Rau had the empty net goal. There were really no stoppages of play except for occasional offsides and a few icings, so the goalie-pulling was somewhat… odd. The game had strange rules, with two 30-minute halves, and instead of penalties, they just had penalty shots, with a trailer from the defending team to… I don’t know, give the puck to the ref after the save was made? They didn’t do anything else.

In case you were wondering, the Wild’s first-round pick, whose name is Mikael Granlund but who I call Son of Mikko, was not present. Disappointing!!!!

Fontaine, Jared Spurgeon (a midget from Spokane, WHL), Jarod Palmer (formerly of Miami-Ohio, a recent FA signing of the Wild), Cody Almond (Houston, AHL), and other unknown players follow the play up ice.

Justin Fontaine waits for a pass, or has just completed a pass, or something.

The Wild’s 2nd round pick and incoming DU freshman, Jason Zucker (#62). Green was trying to break out of their defensive zone, where they spent a good portion of the game. Fonz is not in this photo but I thought I’d get at least one with Zucker for Vizoroo.

Colton Gillies (Houston, AHL) and Fonz try to prevent green from getting the puck out of the zone. Fonz and Gillies were almost always on the ice together. I take this as a good sign.

Fonz tries to position himself for a rebound. #67 is former Vermont Catacheat, Kyle Medvec.

This is either of Fontaine (second from left, if it is him) or Zucker (left, if this is a picture of him). I am pretty certain it is Fontaine.

Fontaine lines up with Colton Gillies and someone else. He was on the first line out to start the game. (This is not the opening face-off, however.)

Fun times! There were lots of Bulldogs fans there, including Jeremy from Minny View, Faribobulldogguy, who posts on the Penalty Box, a guy in a Wellman game-worn jersey and tUMD hat, and some others. I wore my bee Seidel jersey to make sure I stood out.

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  1. 19 July 2010 3:46 pm

    >Thanks for the pic(s) of the Pioneer's Jason Zucker. Looking forward to him wearing the Crimson and Gold. Fontaine's 2 goals on Saturday were nice.I was able to get part of the game Sunday on But it was a bit boring. Saturday's game must have been better.


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