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12 August 2010


Not a great title. But an exciting day! Now we know what’s what and who’s who and where’s where and who’s on first.

#30 Christian Gaffy (fr)
#31 Aaron Crandall (fr-rs)
#35 Kenny Reiter (jr)

#2 Brady Lamb (jr)

#4 Dylan Olsen (so)
#5 Trent Palm (sr-rs)
#6 Scott Kishel (jr)
#8 Drew Olson (so)
#21 Luke McManus (fr)
#24 Mike Montgomery (sr-C)
#25 Justin Faulk (fr)
#26 Chad Huttel (sr)
#28 Wade Bergman (so)

#7 Kyle Schmidt (sr)
#10 Dan DeLisle (so)
#11 Travis Oleksuk (jr)
#12 Jack Connolly (jr-A)
#14 Keegan Flaherty (so)
#15 Jake Hendrickson (so)
#17 Mike Seidel (so)
#18 Joe Basaraba (fr)
#19 Max Tardy (fr)
#20 Cody Danberg (sr)
#22 Mike Connolly (jr-A)
#23 J.T. Brown (fr)
#27 David Grun (jr)
#37 Justin Fontaine (sr)

1. Stafne is not on the roster. I’ll discuss this later.
2. Trent Palm IS on the roster. Welcome back, Trent!
3. Travis Oleksuk has worn 3 numbers in 3 years. #13, #21 and now #11.
4. Kyle Schmidt is #7. Why switch now?
5. Before Faulk, Ryan Geris was the last Bulldog to wear #25.
6. Max Tardy takes over #19 from fellow Duluth native Rob Bordson. Let’s hope he can develop as well as (or more quickly than, even!) Bordo, too!
7. JT Brown might have to exorcise some demons from #23.
8. This is the first post labeled seventh season! Wow!

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  1. 25 August 2010 1:53 am

    >Great list there, thanks for posting it.

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