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29 August 2010


40 days!!! Only 40 days to go!!! Are we going to make it??? I don’t know. I guess we’ve still got baseball, Vikings football, and UMD football (who won 35-10 yesterday, yeah!)

Last year I posted for 40 days straight leading up to the season. That’s not going to happen this year. I am busy working on my WCHA Fantasy Hockey research. Also I used up some of my ideas already.

But I did a couple of polls in the past few weeks and should probably share the results with you.

For the season finish:
5 people believe we will be national champions
7 people believe we will be national champions and win the league
22 people believe we will be national champions and win the Final Five
26 correct people believe we will be national champions, win the league and win the Final Five.

The winner of the Matt Niskanen Award for Most Anticipated Freshman is Justin Faulk, by a landslide, capturing 44% of the vote. In second place was Max Tardy with 19% of the vote; Max must have had a late push because last I looked, J.T. Brown was in second; he ended up in third, with 17% of votes. Joe Basaraba came in fourth with 14%, Christian Gaffy took fifth with 5%, and Luke McManus, who took last place with 2%, will probably make us all regret overlooking him as he displays his defensive prowess. I know that adds up to 101% but I was rounding.

And finally, we come to our experiment in trust. As we know, in the most recent poll, rather than list every Bulldog player who a. is a returning player and b. has not already had a breakout season (decided by me), I decided to select a few that I thought most likely, and then allowed write-in votes. And, comrades, you did not let me down, as I knew that people would be unable to resist writing in votes that made no sense.

Dylan Olsen and Jake Hendrickson tied with 16 votes, Kyle Schmidt was one vote behind with 15, Mike Seidel had 6 votes, and Wade Bergman had 4. Those were the only players I listed. Seven people wrote in Dan Delisle, one wrote in David Grun (they actually wrote “Grun – yes, Grun,” as if I wouldn’t believe them, but he’s great!), one wrote in Drew Olson (yay! Let’s hope he gets the chance), and one wrote in Chad Huttel. I wonder if that was Bruce’s son.

So… then… the rule breakers. We had one vote for Hoagy and one for Kenny Reiter to have a “breakdown.” Two people said no one. One person was just spamming for their website. One was a test vote from me. FHG told me he voted for a mysterious “Howie F.” Another person voted for Dustin Abreu, and one voted for my cat. One voted for Aaron Marvin, another for the pot-smoking Josh Birkholz, and one for Danny Kristo, which breaks two rules because Danny doesn’t play for UMD and has already had a breakout season. It breaks a third, unspoken rule about voting for gingers.

I have run out of ideas for polls. I mean, there are always boring ones like who will be the top scorer, but I’m going to skip that. There’s only one possibility: My Jacky. I like polls, though, so I hope that I’ll have another good idea later on. Maybe about road trips or something.

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  1. 30 August 2010 4:16 pm

    >I admit it, I voted twice. Should have voted for Dylan Olsen one more time then he would have won.


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