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>The Hangover

10 September 2010


2004-2005 was the most depressing Bulldog season in this Modern Era. (Meaning since RWD was invented.) It is worse than the vast wasteland that was 2005-2008. We knew those would be dark times, but the 04-05 team had everything and gave us nothing.

An esteemed reader of RWD (all readers of RWD are esteemed) fears that this season might turn out that way. Certainly the 03-04 season was filled with more successes and that team was more dominant in the league. But the expectations are high this year, and expectations are a heavy, heavy burden.

I think it’s a legit concern, but I also think that all is going to be well. (Unlike les Vikings.) And now I shall list my reasons!

1. The Bulldogs are led by three players who have had to bust their butts.
Mike Montgomery was a walk-on who played 9 games at forward his freshman year, and is now a captain and top defenceman who we nearly lost to the pros. Jack Connolly and Mike Connolly are ridiculously talented but have to continuously prove themselves because of their size.

2. There are lots of guys hungry for playing time.
There are 10 defencemen. 6 can play each night. There are 14 forwards. 12 can play each night. Better come to play every day, boys.

3. No reports about anyone coming back to school weighing 800 lbs or smoking pot or whatever.
One person is injured, yes, but other than that, it sounds like everyone’s in good shape. Of course, it could be on the double secret down low.

4. The freshmen coming in are excellent.
The freshmen in ’04-’05 were sort of exciting. THESE freshmen are blowing my mind. (Not as much as ’05-’06 freshmen, but still, awesome.)

5. The new arena is going to invigorate the team mid-season.
EVERYONE is pumped for this new arena. The team, the school, the fans, me. Especially me. It means more sell-outs, more excitement and buzz in the community, and I hope they can ride the wave of invigoration through the grueling second half. (Wave of invigoration? Meh. I’m leaving it in.)

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