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>I Can’t

7 October 2010


I really just can’t.

The Twins are like, ripping my soul out through my nose. I can’t deal.

This morning was so awesome. I awoke to the radio saying “Randy Moss is officially a Viking.” God, it was a good day. Then it turned into a “good day” in the Ice Cube sense. Blah.

Got an excellent tweet from a Bulldogs fan, though.

I f***in follow you for dogs hockey and this bull**** tweeting every two seconds raggin on the twins has got to f***in stop. You’re a terrible fan and should find a new damn hobby

I’m not a terrible fan! I’m a person with persistent anger issues that I funnel into professional sports! Which I guess is pretty much one of the definitions of terrible fandom. But it works for Bruce Ciskie and the Packers/UW football/Brewers baseball/rhythmic gymnastics. All is well and good though, because we talked it out and now I owe him because I came up with an idea for a post! Kind of!

(I very rarely say angry stuff about tUMD and I need to divert that anger somewhere before the levee breaks and a torrential downpour of curse words would be unleashed upon RWD. I think words I would never say! I know it seems impossible but it’s true.)

We are fewer than two days away from BULLDOG HOCKEY and mere months away from a SUPER BOWL VICTORY. I should be flipping out with excitement and I’m just so mad that the Twins took that from me.

My comrade Chuck from Sixty Minutes, No Alibis, No Regrets (which doesn’t have a good abbreviation since 60min doesn’t work as she’s one of the contributors, and 60MNANR is just too weird) conducted a poll of as many bloggers/webmasters that mimics the media and coaches’ polls that were just released. He tracked down as many as he could but some folks didn’t respond no matter how hard I nagged them. Ahem.

Here are the results:
1. North Dakota (12) 177
2. St. Cloud (2) 158
3. Duluth (1) 154
4. Denver 125
5. Minnesota 117
6. Wisconsin 113
7. Nebraska-Omaha 81
8. Colorado College 77
9. Bemidji State 73
10. Minnesota State 39
11. Michigan Tech 30
12. Alaska-Anchorage 26

WCHA Player of the Year:
Jack Connolly, tUMD (6)
Garrett Roe, SCSU (5)
Jacob Cepis, UMTC (1)
Chay Genoway, UND (1)
Jason Gregoire, UND (1)
Matt Read, BSU (1)

WCHA Rookie of the Year:
Jaden Schwartz, CC (6)
Beau Bennett, DU (2)
Derek Forbort, UND (2)
Nick Bjugstad, UMTC (1)
Erik Haula, UMTC (1)
Matt White, UNO (1)
Mark Zengerle, UW (1)
Sam Rendle, BSU (1)

I voted for Beau Bennett for Rookie of the Year. If you can’t guess my Player of the Year vote you are an idiot. My picks for the standings were previously posted here.

Goon, Goons World
RWD (that’s me!!), Runnin’ With The Dogs
Brandon, Sioux Yeah Yeah!
Chuck Schwartz, Exile on Dayton Street, Gandalf the Red; Sixty Minutes
Hammy, Gopher Hockey Blog
Dirty, Dirty’s Diatribe
Jeremy, Husky Hockey Blog
USAFA Bulldog, The DECC is Stacked
Jon, Mav Puck
F2B&G, Michigan Tech Hockey Blog
Exiled One, College Hockey Recruit Exchange & DaHuskies
Donald, UAA Hockey Fan Blog
Millsy, The Beaver Pond

I have the day off tomorrow, so I’m going to sleep on things and have a better post tomorrow! tDogs are headed to tSoo right now and should be there fairly soon! Sweet dreams, comrades!

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  1. 7 October 2010 4:01 pm

    >Yankee fans worse that Goopher fans–I'm shocked!


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