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>Highway 2 Robbery

28 October 2010


First, some facts.

1. Today is my birthday. (Well, it’s almost over.) I am 28. I have one foot in the grave already.

2. Friday is my “birthday game.” Saturday is my backup “birthday game.” And Wade Bergman needs to get me a goal.

3. Travis Oleksuk was named offensive player of the week. Last week, JT Brown was rookie of the week. This week, Aaron Crandall or Kenny Reiter will be defensive player of the week.

4. UMD is ranked #3 in the polls right now. Pretty much guarantees we’ll be swept by Suckmidji this weekend.

And now…

Anyone know how much the tickets are for this weekend?

The cheapest are $25 and they go all the way up to $35. Kids’ tickets are $20. No wonder there are still tickets available for the second series in their brand new arena…

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  1. 28 October 2010 6:40 am

    >Happy Birthday!Apparently the folks in Bemidji think they are DU with those prices.

  2. 28 October 2010 1:17 pm

    >Yeah, as a Beaver Season Ticket Holder, I think our individual game seats are a little high. I am on the end of the arena and got in at $20 a game. Those seats are $25 for this series. And then throw the Ticketbastard fees on (almost $8), I can understand why people are upset and tickets are still available. 400 seats for Friday and 800 for Saturday according to Lakeland News last night. Looks like you should be able to get walk up tickets at the Box Office and avoid the Ticketbastard Fees.Of course I have paid close to/above $40 a seat for the Ralph and for Mariucci…….Millsy

  3. 28 October 2010 1:55 pm

    >FYI, add on $3 for parking when you get here…

  4. 28 October 2010 4:24 pm

    >DU's tickets top out at $25 I believe.It certainly encourages fans to become season ticket holders (as did the policy for the North Dakota games), but I'm really surprised at the prices, especially considering the capacity nearly doubled.The parking doesn't bother me, believe it or not. I expected to pay for parking too, and $3 is cheap! That's what I pay during tourist season in Duluth.


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