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1 January 2011


What an awful, awful way to end 2010.

The opening game at AMSoil Arena had no redeeming qualities. There were no positives to the game. I do not have a single good thing to say about the game. It was an embarrassment to the program and an affront to the fans. The entire team is On Notice. Do NOT make me send you to the Humane Society of the WCHA. If you don’t get adopted, you might get euthanized.

Then this afternoon we found out that Dylan Olsen has left for the AHL. Unofficially he has left because of academics.

I can’t judge him. It would be hypocritical because I was in a similar situation when I left the University of Illinois in 2005, the spring before I started RWD. I was on a scholarship and trying to juggle academics with my ROTC requirements and my job at the Nuclear Radiation Lab. (Yes, really.) Well, I wasn’t really trying. And so my grades sucked and I was going to be on academic probation, and I walked away. And not to anything as glamorous or lucrative as a professional hockey contract.

So, he’s gone. And I hope he goes on to success and recruits look at him and say tUMD is a place to go and develop into an NHL player.

The Bulldogs need to take the last 24 hours and get very angry and very motivated and take it out on Clarkson. Take this arbitrary demarcation of the season and say “No mas!

Make it a happy new year for your fans, boys. You owe us and you owe yourselves.

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  1. 2 January 2011 6:03 pm

    >Hope 2011 begins better than 2010 ended.All the best for the you and your Bulldogs unless they are playing the Pioneers. Go DU!


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