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>Like Lambs to Slaughter

25 January 2011


tUMD 5, Bad News Huskies 0
tUMD 3, Bad News Huskies 0

Everyone all thawed out after the chilly weekend? It’s 15 degrees (in Minneapolis, in Duluth it’s 21), I’m wearing shorts!

I know this is going to blow your mind, by Friday I went out with friends instead of listening to the game. I know! I can’t even believe it either! I have friends! What? And my whole life doesn’t revolve around Bulldog hockey! I’m as surprised as you are. I thought I’d break out in hives.

Saturday I wasn’t really paying attention either, because I was over at MEg’s house helping her paint and helping assuage her grief over the impending loss of Jamie Russell. This upsets me as well, as it’s well-documented how I feel about Le Russell.

So finally! Finally tUMD gets 8 points from Michigan Tech! That has not happened since before College Hockey Stats has data! That really sucks!

The PP still needs work. Discussion over on tPB tends to favor abandoning the four forwards approach. As did the overall sentiment in AA (I can’t write the arena name anymore, not because I have a problem with it but because I am getting spammed like scrazy* with “questions” about my “involvment” with a certain synthetic oil) when we played Wisconsin. Also on the list, not waiting forever to shoot it into the opponent’s legs. Just do it right away.

Also, my link for the Hobey Baker vote is jacked up, and I’ve been too lazy to change it, but here’s the correct one. UND’s Lawn Mower Tossing Champion is in the lead right now, thanks to some Maple Leafs fans who ran out of waffles to throw. I’ve been voting pretty much daily just because I can, but all of our guys are sitting with less than 1% of the vote. Good thing the fan vote counts for 1% of the total voting process. Theoretically.

You can also vote for an award a Bulldog player is guaranteed to win: the Stauber Brothers Fan Favorite award. Past winners are My Jacky, Stalock and Garrison.

I already have another idea for a post! I’m hoping this is the end of my posting doldrums!

*Scrazy is a new word Dirty made up last night. Definition pending.

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