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>Novocaine for the Soul

12 February 2011


Well now, we’re all still standing, aren’t we? The sun came up, or at least I presume it’s still there somewhere behind the clouds. It’s even warm out. I wanted to wear my bikini, but it’s not within the dress code at work. And I am tragically working today.

I kind of figured this would happen. All this talk of an easy schedule and how St. Cloud is sucking and blah blah blah. I certainly didn’t think we’d get blown out of our own building for the second freaking time since it opened, but I was not expecting tUMD to sweep St. Cloud. I certainly knew they were capable of sweeping St. Cloud, but hey, no one’s perfect. And everyone decided to be imperfect on the same night, apparently. Guys, please plan this better.

So tonight would be a good night for a win, ya know? Just a little itty bitty win is all we need to feel better about last night. I’m going to try not to let last night fester and rot in my mind, but that’s not going to work if you boys don’t work with me here.

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  1. 12 February 2011 6:44 pm

    >Let's pound them tonight; it's time for revenge!


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