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>A Dish Best Served Cold

13 March 2011


tUMD 4, SCCC 2
tUMD 3, SCCC 2 (3OT)

On 11 March, 2007, freshman defenceman Trent Palm was on the bench when Andreas Nodl ended tUMD’s season at 11:33 of the 3rd overtime. Senior Josh Johnson made 62 saves in his last game as a Bulldog. There wasn’t a single Bulldog player, staffer or fan who wasn’t absolutely devastated by that loss.

And last night, two freshmen defencemen for St. Cloud were in the locker room getting IVs to rehydrate, one after cramping up on ice and crawling off after being trapped out there while tUMD maintained possession of the puck. Mike Lee made 60 saves before Mike Connolly finally got the puck past him and ended SCSU’s season. I doubt there were any Husky players, staffers or fans who were not absolutely devastated.

We know how you feel. Really, we do.

And now we know what it’s like to feel the ecstatic relief of a triple-overtime win. Since the student section numbers were down, I decided I’d stand with them and make some noise. I was missing my nice, padded, comfy chair in 216 after awhile, but those nice long bleachers are perfect for lying on for a quick rest at intermission. Oh yes, there were five intermissions. Five. They had the Duluth East – Eden Prairie game on between periods, which caused me even more stress, and then when East lost I was terrified the Bulldogs were going to suffer the same letdown.

The Bulldog defence wasn’t going to let that happen. Mike Connolly put the puck in the net, but the defence won the game. St. Cloud’s only goals came from a power play and a scrum around the net. Drew Olson somehow stopped a breakaway, coming out of nowhere. Everyone was getting bodies on players, sticks in passing lanes, and pucks off stickblades. Kenny made a third fewer saves than Mike Lee (who was outstanding) thanks to the defence. And the forwards were in on it, too, laying hits or stepping back if a defender jumped up into the play. Mike Seidel was a human wrecking ball. And Kenny stood his ground, like Gandalf with the Balroc.

Northland News Center video that includes the game-winner, which I did not even see because it was so far away and I didn’t have the presence of mind to look at the video board because I was mobbing Biddco and friends.

Northland News Center video of the postgame comments by Mike Montgomery and Mike Connolly.

I am so happy. After the Hermantown loss, the East loss, and the UMD women’s loss, it just felt like nothing could go right. I was so nervous it was hard to participate in chants. We were hungry, thirsty, people were sobering up… I mean, we’re talking real tragedies here. Anyway, I am so VERY glad I’m not getting in my car at this moment to drive back to the Cities from Duluth after a game right now, and thanks to THE ENTIRE BULLDOG TEAM, I didn’t have to!

And I’m sure Palm is beyond thrilled to be on the right end of overtime this time around.

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  1. 17 March 2011 8:31 pm

    >No Final Five preview! EPIC blog FAIL!!!!!! 😀


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