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>Take Good Care of My Babies

15 April 2011


So, we bid farewell to Justin Faulk and Mike Connolly.

Here’s Justin’s press release and apparently the Sharks are too busy to have one for Mike’s signing.

Sure, we’d have love to have both of them for another year. But Justin is the most outstanding freshman defenceman I’ve ever seen (he blows EJ out of the water) and there’s no way that he was staying. We were lucky to have a player of that caliber who also had a lifelong dream of being a Bulldog. I have no doubt he gave us his very best and while I’m sad to see him go, I wish him nothing but the best.

And Mike. It’s been a treat watching him over the past three years. A few years ago, a Camrose fan posted on tPB and told us he was even better than Mason Raymond, and we thought it was impossible. Well, Alice, there’s some use in believing in impossible things, because in the college game, Mike was better.

The two most memorable goals of Mike Connolly’s career are his goal against Yale where he scored short-handed and then plowed over a Yale player, and his overtime game-winner against Princeton that caused absolute pandemonium among the toga-ers. I will never, ever forget those goals. Mike is leaving at the pinnacle of his career: national champion, All-American, WCHA superstar and Bulldog legend.

Thank you both for your hard work and your legacy. Make us proud in the NHL.
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