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A Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

2 July 2011

Hello there. Here we are, at the cozy new abode. Please update your links accordingly. And I’ll one day get rid of the “greater than” operators running rampant through my posts.

Where were we?

Well, Scott Sandelin is safely hired. Whew. More recently, Jason Herter was hired by the Bulldogs to replace the dearly departing Brett Larson. Oh Brett, how could you leave me? And for SIOUX FREAKING CITY. Coach Larson will be the head coach of the Sioux City Musketeers next year. Jason Herter is a former Luftwaffe defenceman and was the head coach of the Fargo Force last year. Hello, Coach.

Jack Connolly has been named captain of the 2012 NCAA Championship team (if DU and UMTC can go back to back, tUMD surely can), with Brady Lamb and Cody Danberg as assistant captains. Danberg will be returning from a red-shirt season and is no longer allowed to play in any of the reindeer games that led to his unfortunate injury. 2/3 captains are My Guys! Exciting.

Austin Farley of the Fargo Force committed to tUMD yesterday. He is another mighty midget, at 5’6″, but he is 17 years old, so he still has some hope for a growth spurt. Unlike MEg and me.

Intrepid journalista that I am, I attended the NHL draft last weekend. I won’t call it a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” because I hope to still be alive next time the draft rolls around to St. Paul again (or “Minneapolis” or the “city of Minnesota,” as NHL reps were heard to remark.) I tweeted during the draft, which reminds me that you should all be following me on Twitter, unless you don’t like swearing. I’m @runwiththedogs. Do it.

Friday night the Wild drafted a Swede and a Canadian and traded Brent Burns for Devin Setogouchi. Collegians Jamie Oleksiak (Northeastern) (Yes, really, Northeastern) (I know, right?), JT Miller (Luftwaffe), Connor Murphy and Tyler Biggs (both heading to the DYNASTY of Miami) were selected in the first round. I sat with my friend Britt and we kept up a steady stream of random commentary.

Saturday I arrived in Bulldog attire because I am a straight up loser and also because future Bulldogs were expected to be selected. Of course this meant I ran into Brett Larson and Luke McManus. Oh, and I still have my horrible hair from the whole Frozen Four solidarity thingy. So I’m sure they were like “Oh, look out, mental hospital escapee coming this way,” but as they are both kings amongst men, were very polite and kind and didn’t even flinch when I shook their hands.

The Wild drafted Son-of-Hedgehog after trading away their 3rd and 4th round picks. Barf. Andy Welinski was drafted by Anaheim in the 3rd round and Tony Cameranesi was drafted in the 5th by Toronto. Matt McNeely went undrafted. IDIOTS! I believe he is draft-eligible next year, so the idiots can redeem their idiocy. McNeely will be in Cedar Rapids next year. I went out to Bennett’s after the game, known as the bar when tUMD went to celebrate their victory. Vaunted bloggers from Hockey Wilderness and First Round Bust were present and accounted for.

I know I didn’t do the All-Hottie team this year, but I probably won’t do it at all. I said that I’d be hanging up the All-Hottie list after next year, but it is a ton of work and I’m lazy. It’s a shame as it’s one of the more popular posts on RWD (ok, one of the only popular posts on RWD) and a little bit of turnabout for the hundreds of female athletes who are judged solely on their appearance (either positively or negatively).

Rumour has it Jack Connolly, JT Brown and Derik Johnson will be joining Bulldog alumnus Justin Fontaine at the Wild prospect camp in a few weeks. I’ll attend and report back. [edit 7/5: Now I’m hearing JT will be going to the Flyers camp.] [Edit 7/7: JT is on the Wild’s roster as well. WHATEVER, INTERNETS.]

Don’t forget to update your link sidebar with the new address. The Little Blog That Could is all grown up now!

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