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The House Is Rockin’, Don’t Bother Knockin’

8 October 2011

tUMD 4, Racist Mascots 3

No, we didn’t just jump into a collective DeLorean and travel back in time, we just happened to win in a very similar fashion.

Biddco and I started off the day at the Paul Allen show, live from the Buffalo Wild Wings on the campus of the southern branch of our university system. My enemy LaP was there and mentioned UMD raising a banner and I shouted “WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” very loudly. It was audible on the air. You should all be very proud of me.

We hit the road and rocked out to UMD-related songs such as “I’m On A Boat” and “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” We hit the UMD stores, then the tailgate (which lacked food but had beer, which shows they have the same priorities as the fans), and then got into the arena nice and early for some chow and some warmups.

While the arena was not sold out (pathetic, come on), the crowd was incredibly jacked for the wonderful video of UMD history, roared when the team came out, and went insane for the banner. The team started out fired up, too, feeding off the energy of the crowd, and had a few good scoring chances early.

Something called Billy Maday scored to start the game off, but then Notre Dame decided to test UMD’s power play. Mike Seidel was like “idiots!” and scored. Notre Dame did really look like idiots as two of their players both went for the puck when it was in the air, allowing JT and Seidel all kinds of time to get the puck in the net unchecked. Hee!

Just a couple minutes later, Keegan Flaherty finally, finally, finally got the monkey off his back and put the puck in the net in a non-exhibition game. SO EXCITING. I flipped out, I was so happy for him. Let this be the beginning of something big.

Unfortunately, the cake-eater from Edina scored to tie it up, and we went into the intermission tied at deuces.

UMD scored again on the power play, a sick snipe from JT Brown, and then Notre Dame tied it up AGAIN at three. Was this going to be another year of overtime dramatics?

Late in the third period, Travis Oleksuk said no, it would not. He scored and the place went nuts. UMD hung on for the final minutes and through 53 seconds of the extra attacker. No one was kind enough to get an empty net goal to allow us to get Culver’s, although Jake Hendrickson tried his best.

So I am very tired, and about to go to sleep on a couch somewhere on Woodland Ave. In a house that has this in the basement:

Yes, that is a hockey stick wall. I love Duluth.

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