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Into the Wild

17 December 2012

tUMD 5, Seacritters 1

tUMD 2, Seacritters 1

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the wonderful Ben Chorn (@CampBenCh), on-site reporter for the RWD News Network. He braved the cold, the lack of sunlight, and the wildlife of the far north in order to bring us this crackerjack report.

 Hello from Alaska! You may notice that I am not RWD… someone decided to be lazy and do calculus instead of something worthwhile like writing a blog or going to UAA to watch a hockey game.

Speaking of hockey, did you hear tDogs WON on a SATURDAY?! What you probably don’t know is that I called it. When deciding what jerseys to wear for my trip to Anchorage, I went with the 90’s “triangle” Bulldog on Friday, and my Jack Connolly jersey on Saturday. Everyone seemed to think we wouldn’t win on Saturday, but I said no- Jack Connolly wouldn’t lose on a Saturday so neither would this team! (Jack Fact- Jack Connolly once shot a puck SO HARD that when it rang off the pipe, it was heard in Anchorage. Jack Connolly, of course, never misses and simply wanted to let Anchorage know the Dogs were coming).

In case you missed it- Dogs won on Friday 5-1 (after I apparently “jinxed” the shutout by mentioning it), and 2-1 Saturday. It is the first sweep of the season, the first win on a Saturday, AND the first time UMD has swept UAA in Anchorage since 1996. It also happened to be my first away game (coincidence? I don’t think so).

The games this weekend were full of ups and downs. Not clearing the puck from in front of the net was nerve-wracking, but this team seemed to fight back and take advantage of some UAA penalties (UAA also had a 5 min major penalty each night). From what I have heard, the Dogs have taken a lot of penalties this season- however they did well killing it tonight. Welinski did a great job AND almost had a shorty (right after I posted on twitter that the Dogs needed to either kill the power play or score a shorty. They opted to kill it.). This series can’t be talked about without talking about Cameranesi- 2 goals on Friday, and 2 assists on Saturday (on the only 2 goals of the night!). This being my first game I have seen all season, I was excited to see the freshmen play. Welinski, Farley, and Cameranesi didn’t disappoint and had a great series. McNeely also did a great job, and played well on a couple nights where the shots weren’t as common as against some other teams. Overall I am excited to see this team next year and these freshmen kids look good.

The one thing I will give UAA is their fans are fairly nice. I still got told to “sit down” and occasionally the glare of “do you know you are in OUR arena?,” but it was a great time. It was also nice knowing I had about 90% of the seats to choose where I wanted to sit since apparently there is something better to do in Anchorage (that or no one wants to see a losing team). They literally were throwing t-shirts that were landing in empty seats. UAA, however, DOES have a “wet” section. I am not sure if I should attribute the success tonight to my Jack Connolly jersey, or the beer I was drinking. Either way, the Dogs came out on top and I will never have to hear the annoying wolf call they play at every possibly moment.

 Where do we go from here? Well, UMD gets a break and then heads to Florida to play Maine (on Dec. 28th) and Cornell/Ferris State (Dec. 29th) at the Florida College Hockey Classic. They then face off at home against Michigan Tech January 11th. Let’s hope this momentum can carry until then.

 Feel free to give me a follow on Twitter (@CampBench) if you want- however I don’t talk about tDogs that much. If you go on Reddit a lot, please go visit/subscribe to the sub “/r/collegehockey”( We could use more fans (especially Bulldog fans- it’s overrun by goofer and whioux fans).

-Ben Chorn

PS- I will upload most of the photos to my flickr sometime this week ( I don’t usually have photos posted there, but it will most likely be the easiest to share them (I also took 400 pictures so I’ll need to weed out the bad ones).

A few notes:

1. Doing calculus is never lazy.

2. Writing a blog is not worthwhile.

3. I don’t know what Reddit is. It sounds like a frog.

4. He did, indeed, jinx the shutout.

Many thanks for Ben for setting aside some time for this humble* little blog, and for the photos!


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