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We Need To Talk About Derik

2 February 2013

tUMD 0, Colonizers 3

Well. When was the last time both of tUMD’s hockey teams were shut out on the same night? That was depressing all around. But there’s a more pressing issue.


Today was Derik Johnson’s 23rd birthday. He celebrated in a somewhat unfortunate way: by taking two penalties, one of which led to a PPG for Denver. I guess we should be thankful they were not major penalties? And the second one was a bit suspect, but I speculated it was a reputation call.

But why the reputation? Why so many penalties? An average of 4.5 minutes per game is probably not a good plan for success, either individually or for the team. Especially for a defenceman. You are tied for first in the WCHA in overall penalty minutes with Andrew MacWilliam… and he has more total penalties than you do. This is a problem, since MacWilliam is generally considered insane/rabid/homicidal.

I get that you like to play with an edge. I know this is nothing new (just look at the Penticton stats, oh my!), and on one level I kind of enjoy that you are a BAMF, but we need you on the ice, not in the penalty box. We need those penalties to be smart penalties, either breaking up scoring chances or setting a physical tone for the game or standing up for teammates who are getting mugged (like Farley was all night). I’m not going to be mad about that. It’s just the needless, dangerous boarding/CFBs that have to go. I mean, that’s really not a lot to ask.

So, just take it one day at a time, one game at a time, and try your best to avoid clobbering anyone unnecessarily. Then everyone will be happy!

*Please note, this is not a post blaming Derik for the loss, just a post I’ve been thinking of for awhile, and what the heck else was I supposed to write about tonight? Holy disaster, Batman!

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