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21 February 2013

Hi everyone! I assume we’re all still alive after last weekend and didn’t shuffle off our mortal coils in disgust or despair over the season. I don’t know why you would, we’ve hardly hit rock bottom! Oh yes, it can, and might, get much worse.

This weekend we’re facing UMTC, and expectations are low. This takes a lot of the pressure off. We’re expected to lose! So just win! Freak everyone out! It’s possible. It’s not like we’re playing the Gopher women’s team. Their seemingly-unstoppable basketball team has dissolved into a gongshow, so it’s about time the men’s hockey team does the same thing. Think of how demoralizing it would be to lose to a team who hasn’t won a game in weeks. Oh wait, we already know, because it happened last weekend. Let’s pass on that lovely feeling to the fans of the southern branch of our fair school.

I got interviewed by The Daily Gopher, which surprisingly is not a blog with a new picture of a gopher every day. You can read it here and enjoy some vintage RWD hostility. Do it.

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  1. 22 February 2013 5:40 pm

    I thought you were quite conservative, I mean presentable, to the little school to the south.


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