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The Beat Goes On

17 September 2013

Thanks to a reader tip in the comment section of the last post, I now know that tUMD’s new beat writer, Rick Weegman, has his blog In The Crease up and running. Right now it’s mostly links and blurbs about stuff around the Bulldogs and the NCHC, but you should click over anyway in case you’ve missed something. Thanks CMBulldog for the tip!

The student section has an official webpage, UMD Penalty Box, to go along with its new Twitter. Student season tickets went on sale this morning. I haven’t had any news on how the sale went, but I had better not be disappointed by my fellow students!

Sidebar links are updated with the new blogs added and some obsolete blogs removed. Don’t forget to hover your cursor over the links for surprises!

Could the season please start already so we could have something to talk about? Alternatively, we could be the Gophers, who have folks quitting/sucking at school/drunk driving scooters. So I guess there’s that.

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