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Wild About You

2 October 2013

So, as you all already knew I was unable to make it to the Wild’s AMSoil Arena Extravaganza and Foofaraw. It was a good thing I didn’t skip my class since we had a surprise quiz. Eep.

I put out a call on Twitter for a stringer, complete with a lucrative $0 spec fee and the promise of zero eyeballs seeing the post, and with THAT kind of enticing offer, I had two takers: Gretchen (@eskomokisses) and Dan (@danjacobsen), both elite comrades in the RWD Army.

Enjoy a peek at our dear Arthur Fonzarelli, all grown up and wearing Iron Range Red and… I don’t know, Bitterness Toward Norm Green? And Finnish Skin Tone White?

Photos from Dan:


Some whiteboard action! Also, Dan is unaware of this, but I am pretty sure Gretchen is in this shot.


Dan said that he took some pix of the Wild practice the PP, but since a person is actually shooting it seems like this must be something else.


Here is the power play we all know and love.

Photos from Gretchen:

Hoagie and Fonz

Fonz and Hoagy together again! Awwww. Gretchen told me that Sandy came out and talked to Fonz, too, and Heatley also had a long chat with Sandelin. Most likely discussing Heatley’s last game at the DECC, which we will not discuss. Bruce already traumatized Judd Medak with the memory.

Fonz Parise

Here’s Fonz with Parise, who Gretchen said is “always smiling.” He isn’t here. Probably because, after his ill-advised comment regarding the 2003-2004 season, he looked up at the rafters and remembered Fonz led his team to a national championship and Zach led his team to… an epic choke job. Or, as Gretchen pointed out, maybe he saw Junior’s Hobey banner.

Bulldogs Watching

And hey, look who showed up! Some Bulldogs! Not sure who these guys are, as my eyeballs aren’t calibrated for back-of-head or side-of-face recognition. Really, I swear. I mean, sure, I’d recognized the earlobes of MacGregor Sharp, but that’s a different story.

Geez, after that in-depth recap, don’t you feel like you were there? Thank you very much, Dan and Gretchen, for capturing the ambiance of the day for me and for all of RWD Nation!

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