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5 October 2013

After laziness forced me to withdraw from the blogger voting bloc last year, I made a triumphant comeback to meaningless polls with this year’s NCHC Blog and Web Media Preseason Poll, run by Chad from A Tradition of Choking in the NCAA Tournament. Sixteen bloggers voted, including some new ones you’ll see on the sidebar: Blog of Brotherhood, a Miami blog that used to have a racist name, and UMD Bulldog Country, already on the blogroll but now at a new address.

I can’t say this was an easy poll for any of us, since we are all voting on some newer teams. I think, if anything, Western Michigan may have been shortchanged, since the majority of the bloggers polled are former WCHA bloggers. Miami is more well-known to most of the bloggers and they are well-represented in the voting categories, so I can’t say they suffered.

Here’s my ballot breakdown:

1. Miami
2. St. Cloud
3. Denver
4. tUMD
5. UND
6. CC
7. WMU
8. UNO

All-Conference Team
F Austin Czarnik, MU
F Ryan Walters, UNO
F Alexander Krushendekldfglksdghdlfi, CC
D Joey LaLeggia, DU
D Andrew Prochno, SCSU
G Ryan McKay, MU

Player of the Year
Ryan Walters, UNO

Rookie of the Year
Dom Toninato, tUMD

Defenseman of the Year
Joey LaLeggia, DU

Breakout Player of the Year
Charlie Taft, CC

It made me sad not to be able to plug tUMD players into many spots, but the conference is tougher, and tUMD has a lot to prove. I have no doubt there are players on tUMD capable of winning every single spot on here; it’s just a matter of execution. We’ll see on Monday!

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