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WJC Mania!

26 December 2013

Folks, if you are starving for Bulldog hockey, we’ve still got another 8 days before the men take on the kiddos, and even longer before the women take on the purple cows. In the meantime, you can check out the World Junior Championship, this year in Malmo, Sweden. The USA is the reigning champion and has already won its first game, 5-1, against the Czech Republic.

You can watch games on the NHL network, and you can watch some games on, but not all, so if you’re a WJC loony like me, you’ll want to get the NHL network zapped into your TV tout suite.

Here’s the schedule for the USA:
28 Dec vs. Slovakia (6:30 a.m. Central)
29 Dec vs. Germany (8:00 a.m. Central)
31 Dec vs. Canada (10:30 a.m. Central) ***DO NOT MISS THIS GAME. IT’S ALWAYS EPIC***

The quarterfinals will be on 2 Jan, the semis on 4 Jan, and we’ll be defending our gold medal on 5 Jan at noon central.

There are no Bulldogs on the team, but plenty of NCHC foes, and the team is coached by Hedgey the Hog and Bob Motzko, who I assume tried to recruit some Austrians for the team. Let’s see if tDon and tBob have another “back2back” moment in them.

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