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30 January 2014

Don Lucia doesn’t believe this warrants a major penalty.

Look, Hedgey. You dreamed up this sham of a tournament. You hosted it. With your own referees. Even after all of that, your player still got a major penalty. Perhaps, just perhaps, MAYBE, I don’t know… he deserved it?

It’s really sad Marshall is facing a suspension. Very sad. It really shows no matter how much lip service is paid to concussion prevention and player safety, that’s all it is to coaches and players. Hitting a defenseless player, without the puck, in the head, is somehow not worthy of a penalty? And repeated game misconducts, showing a player hasn’t learned from his past actions, is something to appeal?

Of course, it’s not just the players and coaches who have no respect for player safety. It’s also the fans. Note this Facebook comment from UND Superfan Brad Schlossman:

And the “media.” And by “media” I mean former benchwarmers who are now broadcast booth chairwarmers:




Maybe Lucia didn’t want to appeal the suspension until Chorske begged him? All the mucous-drenched sobbing and whining probably made Hedgey uncomfortable. Wait, what am I saying? If that was the case, Rau wouldn’t be around.

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