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We Can’t Stop

3 February 2014

tUMD 5, Barbaros 2/tUMD 3, Barbaros 1

Hello everyone, this is my first official post actually written on tUMD’s campus. Very fancy, no? Or something. I am in the Ven Den right now, and if you have attended tUMD at any time in the last half century, I promise you it is exactly the same except for fancier vending machines. Also, the same geodes are still on display in Heller Hall.

Also after laughing hysterically about the Glue Factory post, I have decided that WMU will be called the Barbaros from here on out. I don’t care if no one else laughed about the horse videos, I did.

We have two orders of business to take care of before we talk about the games. First, we have a new victory song, courtesy of comrades-in-arms Dan and Biddco.

It’s a bit lower tempo than our previous victory songs (Party in the USA, Tik Tok, etc), but it’s very appropriate.

Also, this occurred:

DaBugz11 is Farley’s twitter, if you didn’t know.
So that chapter is closed. Although that’s a really weird hashtag.

HUGE weekend for tDogs. Way to put those ponies out to pasture! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, because haven’t I been saying all along we have tons of talent and just need it to come together? I am seriously always right. It’s just amazing. Except for that small error I made in the last post. Never mind.

How did this team get so deep that our third line is Iafallo-Toninato-Krause? And that’s without Austin Farley in the lineup! I mean, seriously, I blinked, and this team became almost as loaded at forward as our national championship team. This is very exciting. All of a sudden everyone wants to talk about the Bulldogs. It’s a lovely thing, although it’s also nice to fly under the radar.

tUMD has 3 out of 4 NCHC awards this week (and probably could have had a fourth, except I assume the conference didn’t want to let us sweep the awards), which… means nothing, but that’s great. Congrats to Willie Corrin for his first multiple point game and his first conference award, and to Austyn Young, getting his first goal. If I was the UND SID, I’d be spamming the crap out of everyone’s Twitter feed with statistics about how tUMD is 800-72-1 with guys named Austi(y)n in the lineup. Since I am not, let me take a moment first to rejoice that I am not, and then continue.

I can’t even really be too sad about the PP being sort of not great, because of course we’re missing a key PP guy in Farley. It’s like complaining about the Wild PP when Parise, Spurgeon, and Koivu were all down. Wait, people did that? Must have been Gopher/Wild hybrid fans. Life for all of us would probably also be a lot better if Caleb Herbert stopped taking penalties, but he did still have three points on the weekend.

CC is coming to town this weekend, and we absolutely, positively, must take care of business against them because they are a PWR killer right now. And the PWR is now relevant to us. So we have to care. Also, the students are back in the house and it had better be rockin’, or I am going to have to burn down the school.

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