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Cumulative Properties

14 March 2014

I probably need to stop waiting to post game recaps. I mean, Friday’s game post abstract was written in my head as I was walking home. I was going to call it “In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman,” since we scored 8 goals. I got home and I was tired and decided not to write the recap and then tUMD went and crapped the bed on Saturday and the entire narrative changed.

So let’s talk about Saturday, and how it applies to this weekend. Everyone loves to point out that tUMD is 0-1000000000000000000000-0 when the opponent scores first. It’s a somewhat ridiculous stat, and tUMD is somewhat ridiculous for buying into it. I don’t know how else the situation would get so bad. They give up a goal, decide the game is over, and then can’t make anything happen. A few people seem to hang on for a bit, and sometimes tDogs tie things up, but in the end, the defeatists win.

It’s important for tUMD to score first this weekend (and in subsequent weekends, and always), but it’s also important for tUMD to find out a way to come from behind and win. There’s simply no reason why tDogs can’t go from down a goal or two to a win. I mean, against a team that actually cares, not Miami.

I fully expect tUMD to win this series and go to the Fab Four. I’m not speaking from a place of pessimism, when I say this next bit. I am concerned about what will happen if tUMD lets the Barbaros score first tonight. You see, if the Barbaros score first, and tDogs lose, that also means tDogs are behind in the series. Is that going to be analogous to letting an opponent score first in a game? If so, we’re doomed. Dooooooooooooooooooomed. Like the Light Brigade, only worse, because who even cares about them? They’re all dead.

Well, after all that hand-wringing, now I’ve got three hours to wait until our fate is decided. Or isn’t. We’ll see.

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