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You Shall Know Our Velocity

19 March 2014

Comrades! It’s almost time for the Fab Four tournament! (I know it’s called something other than that, but I totally don’t even care. Fab Four it is!) I am very excited, even though tUMD is not there, and even though this tournament is brand new and we have no idea how it will go, and even though 2/3 of the population of North Dakota is barreling down upon the Twin Cities in their mobile homes as I type.

I am excited for the tournament because I do think it will be fun, and I think the NCHC knows the tournament needs to be awesome, so I’m going to be optimistic here. Of course I was optimistic tUMD would make the Fab Four and that was like being optimistic the Titanic had enough lifeboats. Alas, alack, etc. I am also excited because I have so much going on! It’s going to be a very busy weekend. And I don’t have to work or go to school! Glory be!

Tomorrow we are heading down (driving a car, not a house, because we are civilized people) while Bruce Ciskie watches my cats. That’s right, the VOX of the UMD men’s hockey team is going to feed my cats. I am a big deal. Or maybe just have a really nice friend. Could be both. Tomorrow night we have dinner with team RWD and then Cards Against Humanity with Dirty, Biddy, and some Tech losers.

Friday I have a morning meeting with The Beard, RWD Reader Emeritus, then lunch with The Beard and my dad. I’m meeting up with my former co-workers, and then there are two hockey games, and then who knows?

Saturday I have brunch with more family and another Reader Emeritus, Bruce (not Ciskie), then more hockey, and then who knows? Again.

Sunday, back to Duluth. Monday, let’s not even think about it. Let’s just focus on the weekend ahead! I assume I will see you all there. Let’s see if we can make this tournament into something fun. Come on Target Center, don’t suck like you do every other time you host hockey!

Sigh. Bulldogs, why couldn’t you have won two more games? It’s just not going to be the same without you.

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