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Let Me Blow Your Mind

26 September 2014


Hello, I am posting twice in one day, I can’t even remember the last time this occurred. I could use the powers of the Interwebs to find out, but it’s unimportant.

This is not going to be the best gamer ever, because I wasn’t able to watch or listen to the game. The video feed cost lots of moneys, and there was no radio feed. I eventually figured out there was a live stats thingy. It was already 3-0 UConn at that point. Barf barf barf. At the time, I thought Sarah MacDonnell had scored a natural hat trick, but I guess the scoring got corrected and she only had an assist on the second goal. Only, indeed. Kayla Black got the hook for Karissa Grapp after the third goal. Because I was late to finding the stat tracker, I thought Grapp had started the game, oops. I don’t really understand what the heck happened, because Black was back for the second period, but thank you, Karissa, for jumping in and stopping the hemorrhaging.

As it turns out, other people were allowed to score two goals in this game. Lara Stalder got tUMD on the board first with a power play goal (ruining my pick of Zoe Hickel for first Bulldog goal) and then she and Ashleigh Brykaliuk traded off scoring, with Brykaliuk’s second goal coming shorthanded. Tragically, UConn scored just 44 seconds later while still on the PP, and then nothing else happened.

UMD got off 58 shots on goal through 65 minutes, compared to the Huskies’s 20, and I would love to see the shot attempts count because I saw quite a few blocked shots and AT LEAST 3 pipes pass by my screen.

The stats tracker thing was kind of hilarious. I took a screen shot for you all.
That referee popped up whenever there was a penalty, and when the penalty ended, a big whistle popped up. Very exciting!

Let’s try to salvage this weekend with a nice win, ok? I mean, coming back from a 3-goal deficit to tie the game was nice, but winning in a dominating fashion is even better. Tomorrow’s game is at 2:00, you can watch the stat tracker or follow my tweets, if you’re into swear words.

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