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Men At Work

17 December 2014

I understand a lot of people have OMGSOMANYFEELS about Coach Miller and can’t wait to crow about how she wasn’t a nice person or wasn’t “classy” and didn’t act like a sweet meek little lady. I promise you if a man coaching our men’s team behaved the same way she is rumoured, by some, to behave, but had the same level of success, he would be getting a raise. I don’t like the double standard that women have to be nice, pretty (but not too pretty), meek, loving, mothering, smiley, cheerful, deferential, polite, chaste, heterosexual, and unprofane (not a word, I know) in order to be considered successful. For men, her level of success would be enough. For every athletic director who wouldn’t look the other way regarding “personality issues,” there would be 10 who would, just to win.

I mean, these people all had/have jobs.

(Dirty reminded me that this rant isn’t that bad, and it isn’t, it’s just my second favorite behind the famous Burnsie rant)

Bobby Knight throws a tantrum, throws a chair, and a whole stadium chants his name.

This man punched out two of his own players.

This man is in the Baseball Hall of Fame (as he predicts in the video).

This man took shots at the fans and at the Nebraska Athletic Director and he already has another head coaching job.

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  1. Douglas Johns permalink
    18 December 2014 12:41 pm

    Perhaps it is because Miller’s recent results are not in line with her national-high salary?

    • 18 December 2014 12:58 pm

      You know, if it was really about revitalizing the program, finding a coach who can compete with Frost and Johnson in recruiting and results, I would not object. I don’t feel confident that is the AD’s objective. A coach like that won’t be lured here with St. Cloud-level salary unless by accident.


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