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Whimper Bay

7 January 2015

tUMD 3, Underwolves 2 (OT)/tUMD 8, Underwolves 4

Who doesn’t want to read a recap of last weekend’s games four days later? I am sure you all need a refresher after forgetting all about what happened. I know I have.

tUMD traveled to Thunder Bay, ON last weekend to take on Lakehead yet again. I am sure the team bus passed other busloads of Thunder Bay residents headed in the opposite direction in order to invade the Miller Hill Mall for the weekend.

I hope the team mooned them.

The RWD Army did have boots on the ground in TB as Dan, NCHC Dan of the Week, made the trip. He confirmed that once again, during the team introductions, the Underwolves had a less-than-full contingent of players on the ice. If you recall, during their visit here in October, they sent about three players out for the introductions. Also, according to Matt Wellens, the fans politely applaud during the opponent introductions. How odd. The US really should just invade Canada. They would probably politely applaud then, too.

It was really a good thing that tUMD scheduled these games, as over break many of them forgot to play hockey. Not Karson Kuhlman, of course, who scored the game-tying goal and then assisted on the DAGGER in OT. The rest found that playing hockey is much like riding a bike, and figured it out eventually. A&Dubs scored the game-winning goal with 0.6 seconds left in overtime, just as tDogs had finished killing a penalty. tDogs were back in fine form the next day with an 8-4 win. A lot of people got goals. I am not sure who, since the box score is missing from my usual source. Blake Young and Crandall scored. Maybe Krause? I don’t know. From what I understand, there was some questionable officiating, but Bruce was sick and not able to rise to his usual level of indignation. He did say punches were thrown. Bruce’s illness could not have come at a worse time!

This game was a good tune-up for North Dakota, considering Lakehead is a goon squad and so is UND. Their fans certainly won’t be as polite. A large regiment of the RWD army will be marching on the Bunker this weekend, including Biddco, Dan of the Week, DA (or Double D, as some might know him), and UMDDogz. I expect we’ll take on heavy casualties, both on and off the ice. Probably someone will get vomited on.

The games are on TV (My9 on Friday and CBSSports Saturday, I think). What a way to unwind on Saturday evening after catching some live hockey at AMSoil Arena, a series I’ll discuss in another, more bossy post.

Oh yeah, Brett Boehm left the team and returned to the SJHL. He retains NCAA eligibility, so I suppose he could come back. He left for “family reasons,” so I hope that all is well for him and his family. Farewell, Brett, we hardly knew ye.

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