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Our Short Regional Nightmare Is Over

3 April 2015

We have a new head coach!

tUMD hired Harvard associate head coach Maura Crowell to fill the head coaching vacancy caused by… all that foofaraw that occurred over the last few months of the season.

First of all, welcome Ms. Crowell! I am very excited you’re coming to Duluth. I expect about 8 national championships in the next 5 years.

Coach Crowell is from Mansfield, MA, was a forward at Colgate, was a head coach at UMass Boston, and during her time as an assistant at Harvard, took over as head coach for a year when Katey Stone was off coaching Team USA. I am glad to have a coach who has been mentored by the great Coach Stone.

I’m looking forward to seeing who the assistant coaches will be. I would guess Laura Bellamy, Denfeld alumna and current Harvard assistant coach, might be in the running. Maybe Coach Kingsbury would be? I don’t know. If you have any other guesses, let me know.

So far no players or committed recruits have asked to leave, but of course they just dumped this news on us on a Friday afternoon, which also happens to be a holiday some people celebrate. Or observe, because I think it’s supposed to be one of those sad panda holidays. I don’t know that anyone would leave. It’s not like there’s a vast network of junior hockey teams waiting to absorb the de-commits, like there are in men’s hockey.

There’s no doubt about it, next season is going to be weird. First of all, we’ve lost a boatload of talent. Second of all, the current players are going to be adjusting to a new system. Third of all, from what I’ve been led to believe, the stands will be teeming with women’s hockey fans who were only staying away because they hated Coach Miller. Every game will be a sellout!

I believe Coach Crowell has the potential to breathe new life into this program, and I hope she can bring our Bulldogs back where they belong: the top of the WCHA standings and the NCAA championship game.


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