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From Top Shelf To Food Shelf: Mind-Blowing Update

4 December 2015

I’m overwhelmed.

The pledges keep coming, I can barely keep up with the spreadsheet. There are some incredibly kind, generous, warm-hearted people in this world who follow college hockey. (Update! After night 1, we are at $797, 141 food/clothing items, and 1 ham!!!! That outstrips the cumulative total the past 2 years!!!)

Here is a list of the pledges so far. I will give a more specific update later including the organizations all these fine folks are supporting, but for now, I just want to spread some good cheer. There’s still plenty of time to make a pledge, and retroactive pledges are welcome. Keep spreading the word on social media, don’t forget to hashtag #FromTopShelfToFoodShelf!

Here’s what From Top Shelf To Food Shelf is all about.

My own pledge is $5/UMD goal this weekend. So those should start pouring in at about 3:07 local time.

Neil (SCSU): $10/SCSU goal, $20/shutout to Catholic Charities St. Cloud
Andy (MSUM): $5/Mankato goal, $5 per Swansea (EPL) goal against Man City
Dan of the Week (tUMD): $10 if the Bulldog games are actually played
Matt (impartial media fellow): $5/Man City (EPL) goal against Swansea
BartRhett (BU): $5/Ahti Oksanen shot and $10/Ahti Oksanen goal
RedArmy (UNO, duh): $5/UNO goal to Northern Lakes Food Bank
Blackbear93 (Maine): $5/goal and 1 can of food/shot for Steven Swavely
Lori (UNO): $5/UNO goal to Heart Ministry Center
Fear the Triangle (UMASS): $5/UMASS goal and $5/”Mr. Friday night” goal tonight to The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
Jack (SLU): $2/SLU goal
Anne (Hope College): $5/goal for Hope Hockey to Community Action House
My mom: $5/tUMD men’s goal to Westwood Lutheran Church’s Pastor’s Emergency Fund
Biddy: $20 if the electricity stays on, $20 and one pair of “silky mitts” aka gloves per Sammy Spurrell goal
Jashvina (Princeton): $1/mispronunciation of a PU player’s name, $2/Max Veronneau point
Matt R. (UNO): $1/NCHC goal
Kathy (UNO): $1/stopped shot, $5/goal for UNO to UNO food bank
Lord of Nebraska (UNO): $7/UNO goal to Maverick Food Bank
Melmac (UMTC) & Nezzy (MTU): $5/UMTC or MTU goal to Damascus Road
SouthTexGopher (UMTC): $5/UMTC goal to San Antonio Food Bank
Diva (NMU): $5/NMU GOAL!!!! to Second Harvest Heartland and $10/shutout to Secondhand Hounds
Rob (UNH): $5/UNH goal to New Hampshire Food Bank
Amy Moritz (impartial media lady): $5/Canisus goal, $5/Niagara goal, $1/mile she runs or hikes this weekend
JoeGrav (BC): $1/BC goal, $8.88 if Travis Jeke scores to Greater Boston Food Bank
Vegoe (UMTC): $5/Gopher goal to ESNS Senior Food Bank
PDoug (tUMD): $5/tUMD goal to Northern Lakes Food Bank
Jeremy (SCSU): $5/SCSU men’s goal, $10/shutout to CEAP
MPedone (UNH): $5/UNH goal, $10/win, $5 if UNH wins by 3+ goals or gets a shutout to New Hampshire Food Bank
Meg (Boston Pride): $5/Pride goal, $20/win to Worcester County Food Bank
JPDot and his wife (BC): Each matching JoeGrav’s donation
Dawn (tUMD): TBD pledge for tUMD and her son’s bantam team
Dan Rubin (Diplomatic immunity): TBD flat donation to Dedham Food Pantry
#GOHUSKIESWOOOOO (SCSU): $1/minute Blais pulls the goalie, $5/SCSU goal, $10 sweep to Second Harvest Midwest
Sheldon (UNO): $5/goal, $10/win, $15 shutout for UNO to Food Bank of Siouxland
Zach Halverson (SCSU): $5/SCSU goal, $10/shutout to Catholic Charities of St. Cloud
Weldie (SCSU): $2/UNO or SCSU goal, $5/PPG, $10 for Morley’s 100th to Catholic Charities of St. Cloud
Jason (SCSU): $3/SCSU goal, $7/shutout, $3/Benik goal
Mike N (UNH): $5/goal, $1/save, $20/win, $30/shutout for UNH to NH Food Bank
J Andrews (UNH): $5/UNH goal to NH Food Bank
Josh Fenton (NCHC Commissioner): $1/NCHC team goal, $5/3 on 3 OT game to Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado
Mike L (UNH): $5/UNH goal to Upper Valley Haven
Matt B (SCSU): $3/SCSU goal, $10/shutout or Lindgren assist
Nicole (UW): 1 jar PB/goal, 1 ham/win, $5/shutout period for UW (#HamsFTW) to Hunger Task Force
Ashley (RMU): 1 food or clothing item/RMU goal or shutout period for the next 4 games! to Bethlehem Haven
Derek Schooley (RMU coach): Matching Ashley’s pledge
Darkgeek (UW): 1 jar PB/UW women’s goal
Gabs (UND): 1 can of food/5 saves for both BSU and UND to a privately “adopted” family
Lucas (UW): 1 jar PB/UW women’s win
PyroMonkey (UNO): 1 can of food/UNO goal + PIM to Food Bank Heartland
Chuck Herring (UNO): Matching PyroMonkey
Jared (UNO): Matching PyroMonkey x 2
Laura Bellamy (tUMD assistant coach): 1 can/tUMD men’s goal, 2 cans/PPG, 3 cans/SHG, 5 cans/ENG to Northern Lakes Food Bank
Kat Hasenauer Cornetta (media): 1 item/goal for women’s Beanpot participants to My Brother’s Table
Gabbi (QU): 1 can/QU goal next 4 games, 5 cans/shutout next 4 games to CT Food Bank
Katie (UNH): 5 items/goal, 5 items if leading after 1st or 2nd, 10 items/win for UNH
Corey (UW): 1 jar of peanut butter/UW women’s win
Brent (BSU): $5/goal in the UND/BSU games, $100/Mowat shutout to Beltrami County Food Shelf
Jessi (tUMD): $5/tUMD goal and $50 if Parker Mackay gets his first point as a Bulldog to Northern Lakes Food Bank.
SCSUHockey Blog: 2 food or clothing items/goal in SCSU’s men’s and women’s games to Good News Food Shelf/Catholic Charities St. Cloud

That’s 59 people making donations so far. 59! That’s 5x as many people as last year! I can’t thank all of you enough for your pledges, for spreading the word, and for just being great people. I will have no problem cheering for ANY of these teams this weekend.


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