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Let’s Get It Started In Here

7 September 2016

Here’s to three years of living in Duluth!

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Enjoying some peace before #ss25k #conservationofmomentum

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You can’t beat that view.

College hockey is starting so soon I can’t even stand it! Sooner than you’d think, even, if you listened to the sexist jerks who tell you when college hockey starts based on men’s games.

Bulldog hockey starts on September 24th. tUMD hosts Kacy Ambroz, Emma Stauber, and the Minnesota Whitecaps. The Whitecaps roster boasts some of the biggest stars in hockey, including Monique and Jocelyn Lamoureux and Kendall Coyne. Until we get an NWHL or CWHL expansion team, the Whitecaps are the closest we’ll get to a women’s pro team in Minnesota. And let’s face it, if they were men, they’d already be on pro teams.

How do you like that, I don’t post for 5 months and come right back at ya with my bra-burning agenda? Eat it.

There will be a new coach behind the bench for the Bulldog women this year. Sami Reber left to become the head coach of the Cake-Eating Hornets. In her place, tDogs have acquired yet another Connolly. Chris Connolly (no relation to Mike), former Hilltopper, ’09 national champion and 2x captain of the BU Terriers, will join Coaches Crowell and Bellamy for the upcoming season.

I’m expecting to get my season tickets any day now, and look forward to seeing how fancy they are. Season Ticket Arrival Day is when I really start to get excited.

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