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From Top Shelf To Food Shelf, Year 4

12 December 2016

60 fans. 15 teams. 3 days. 54 games. 950 seconds of successful penalty kill for Michigan Tech. 1 complicated spreadsheet.

$2876 and 190 food/clothing/hygiene items.

That’s powerful, my friends. When you feel small and powerless, when you feel like nothing you ever do will ever make the slightest change in the world, remember this.

This year my own contribution was $110 ($5/UMD goal + $1 per participant). $110 on its own is both a lot and nothing. But because so many others pledged or spread the word to the greater hockey community, that pledge was multiplied 26x (more, including the non-monetary contributions!). That’s a marvel. Of course none of us are ever the sole giver to a charitable organization, but rarely do we see the direct effects of our own enthusiasm and momentum.

It doesn’t stop there. This is the 4th annual From Top Shelf To Food Shelf campaign. The cumulative total of this event is simply magical.

$6552 and 535 food/clothing/hygiene items.

That’s the power of social media and the kind hearts of the people I know, or who I’ve gotten to know, because of this event. You people are so amazing. There were many people asking me about the event before I even started. “When is From Top Shelf to Food Shelf this year?” I was asked, by multiple people, months ago. I look forward to this weekend for months in advance, picking the date as soon as the schedules are finalized. The campaign this year lifted me up when my outlook on this world and on humanity was pretty bleak.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness, everyone. The multitude of worthy and deserving organizations you’ve chosen to donate to are enriched because of you.

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