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FTSTFS 2018 Update

6 December 2018

Anyone else excited to see how pledging is shaping up? I know I’m like a kid on Christmas morning every time I open up my tracking spreadsheet and see there’s a new pledge. There was even a new pledge while I was writing this paragraph! I also know that once folks see how many other people are participating, they’ll be inspired to join in if they haven’t. It’s fun!

Unaware of what #FromTopShelfToFoodShelf is all about? Read here to learn all about it. Inspired to make a pledge? Here’s the form. And surprise! You’ve already contributed $5 to the cause, because I’ve pledged $5/participant.

Here are the amazing, generous people who have made a pledge so far, and the organizations they are donating to. There’s plenty of time to make a pledge! You can even wait to see how the weekend shapes up, and make a retroactive pledge by Sunday.

Spencer – flat donation of $64.50, $20/win, $10/tie, double donation if UNO sweeps to Open Door Mission
Lori – $5/goal, $10/win to Foodbank for the Heartland
Connor – $10/UNO goal, $10/tUMD women’s goal, $5/major by UNO or SCSU to Maverick Food Pantry
Jolene – $10/goal, $100/shutout to Together Omaha

Mullet – $1/goal, $5/win, $5/shutout, and $5 for a sweep to Open Door Pantry of Eagan
Anonymous – 1 package of TP/goal to Champ’s Cupboard
John – $1/goal by a D1 hockey team in the state of Minnesota to Pillager Family Center
Anonymous – $2.50/men’s goal (minimum $25) and “some clothes” to Northern Lakes Food Bank and Goodwill
Biddy – $10/win, $10/sweep to CEAP
RWD – $5/goal, $5/FTSTFS participant, 1 item/freshman goal to CHUM and Second Harvest Heartland
Rebecca – $5/goal, $10/point by her fantasy team to Northern Lakes Food Bank
Dan of the Week – $5/win, $10/Soucy penalty, $1/pledge retweet to CHUM
Wayne – $10 x total margin of victory, $5/Twitter argument I get into to Northern Lakes Food Bank
Angel – $5/men’s goal, $10/Shep shutout to Salvation Army
Ben – $10/men’s win, $10/men’s SHG, $15/Cates on Cates goal to Chicago’s Food Bank
Anonymous – $10/goal to Friends in Need Food Shelf

Alex (UND women’s hockey only) – 1 non-perishable item/point scored by former UND women’s hockey player, 1 lb of pet food/5 saves, 10lbs/shutout (goalie statistics include Maddie Rooney) to EGF Food Shelf and Circle of Friends Humane Society
Anonymous – $5/goal to Catholic Charities of Boston

Emily – $1/Gopher women’s hockey goal, $20/point from TJ Polglaze to Second Harvest Heartland and UMN Aurora Center
Melmac & Nezzy – $5/goal, $25/shutout to Western UP Food Bank

Joe – $3/goal against BU to Greater Boston Food Bank
Laura – $1/goal, $3/David Cotton goal to Greater Boston Food Bank
Adam – $10/women’s win, $15/men’s win, $1/each time the BC fan group says “Donna?” to Greater Boston Food Bank

Bobby Mo
Ashley – $3 and 1 food item/goal to West Hills Food Pantry and Light of Life Rescue Mission

Jeremy – $5/goal, $10/win to CEAP MN
Dave – $50 to his local food shelf
Erik – 5¢/save,$2/goal to Southwest Carver Food Shelf
GOHUSKIESWOOOOO – some complicated pledge I am not transcribing here to Division of Indian Work Horizons Unlimited Food Shelf, including letter of apology re: UND fans.
Tom – $10/men’s win, $5/men’s goal to Salvation Army
Neil – $200, $25/men’s shutout, $50 if the women upset UW to Catholic Charities of Central Minnesota
Heather (SCSU AD) – $5/goal to Anna Marie’s Alliance and Pathways 4 Youth
Mike – $100 to Feeding South Dakota

Lake Superior Circle Tour
Brandon – $2/even strength goal against the Lake Superior Circle Tour schools ($1/PPGA, $5/SHGA) to CHUM

Alan – $50/men’s goal to San Antonio Food Bank
Anonymous – $10/women’s goal to Second Harvest

Rob – $5/goal against Dartmouth, $10/win, $5 if the margin of victory > 3, $5/shutout, $50 sweep to New Hampshire Food Bank

Oswego State
Jen – $5/goal to Oswego County Catholic Charities Food Pantry

Caissa – $1/goal, $5/shutout to St. Vincent de Paul
Nicole -$1/goal, $5/shutout to Hunger Task Force
Drew – $5/goal, $5/win to Mom Helps

Jimmy – $2/goal vs BU to Greater Boston Food Bank

John – $5/goal, $25/shutout to Moisson Estrie

Mankato/Notre Dame
Andy & Cayden – $5/win, $20 if both MSU teams sweep,$15 if Notre Dame sweeps, $3/hatty to Second Harvest Midwest

All of Women’s Hockey
Gabs – 1 item/women’s player with a multi-point game, 5 items/shutout or hat trick to People’s Pantry

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