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Behind the Music: Waiting for Biddco

13 February 2020

By now, you have all seen the recent Fox 21 mockumentary, Waiting For Biddco. If you haven’t, welcome back, space girl!

But now it’s time to talk about what you didn’t see. I’m here to give you the dirt, the tea, the hot goss about what really happens on tUMD hockey weekends. And I promise you it’ll be more interesting than hearing about Biddy’s bidding company, which I have to say was excruciating and should have been left on the cutting room floor.

First off, despite claiming that he looks “totally stoned” in this photo, he is under the influence of nothing except the perfume of the woman in front of us at the women’s game. I’m not sure a documentary can really be true to its subject if said subject doesn’t have a White Claw in hand.

The car’s name is Wilhelm, and it is a Jetta.

For some odd reason, they chose to zoom in on Biddy’s ticket, so now everyone knows where we sit. So thanks for that I guess. STAY AWAY.

He got a 2 PM checkout time from the Superior Inn — it’s the little things that set it apart from other inns. Also if you look carefully enough, you can see the pattern of the bedspread in the background of certain shots… #easteregg

I feel like this keeps having to be said, but I am not Biddy’s wife.

This is an Anna Klein game-worn jersey, which Biddy bought in part because of the cool Minnesota patch with the star denoting Duluth’s location. Here, he was getting ready for the women’s hockey game, which was not mentioned at all in the mockumentary. Let me get serious for a moment and say that it really bothered me that they seemed to have no interest in showing that a “superfan” liked both the men’s and women’s teams. I feel like it was a huge missed opportunity to show that what makes a true fan is support for both teams, not just one team.

Also I have that same shirt. Frozen Four 2017, right before the #minimumeightpeat began!

It is a total dump! Also they don’t know how to plow their parking lots, so they can cram it with walnuts!

Translation here: “I am a huge mooch and I like UND fans who buy me drinks.” Fun fact: the bridge he is driving over is named the Bong Bridge, named for the inventor of the bong.

Now here’s Biddy reacting to a classic moment…

(Thanks to Ben @umdhockeygifs for the gif-ification)

…which I feel was best captured here

You never know what kind of celebrity sightings you’ll get at Amsoil Arena!!

After this, Biddy decided he wanted to change his mind and say his favorite player is Bender because he likes Futurama, but they wouldn’t re-shoot.

Ok look, I know I’m the star of this whole documentary, but we’ll get to that in its own post. I’d just like to clarify that right before this, they were playing Rush and I said “One down, two to go,” then went on to explain “I don’t dislike prog rock,” was interrupted by a near goal, and then continued my explanation.

I feel like there would probably be more usable footage if I wasn’t swearing so much.

For awhile I tried to remain neutral in the background but I got comfortable with the camera being there and I really could not take it when he compared a team that actually has championships to a team that doesn’t.

What you don’t see at the end of this video is the cut back to the live broadcast, with Dan Hanger being very Extra and wondering what Biddy will be like at 90, which frankly is somewhat frightening to ponder. I will be like 199 then, so I’m sure I won’t be doing much pondering on Biddy while I’m out there putting the finishing touches on my third Ph.D thesis on how to safely eradicate nuclear waste. Which is of course what I will be doing when I’m 199.

So there you have it, a look at a day in the life of Biddy (or, as true of a portrait that can be painted in the college football off-season, because it’s not truly a Biddy hockey weekend if he isn’t watching seven hours of college handegg), with special behind the scenes features from me! I’m looking forward to the directors cut, which will look something like this:

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