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>Pow-Pow-Power Rankings

12 October 2004

>How do you move up 2 slots to the number one rank when you haven’t played a game?

Because Boston College did. Boston College? Twenty years ago, nobody cared about Boston College. My parents used to sit by some old guy who yelled “How’s Boston College?” when they announced the scores of other games. Nobody cared then. Evidently this man was a visionary.

Anyway, UMD sits at #2 in the power rankings for the second week in a row.

Other WCHA teams:

North Dakota’s sweep of Maine brings them up 4 to #3. I hate North Dakota, but if you sweep Maine (last year’s runner up) then you’ve got something going on.

Wisconsin was off and didn’t move. They’re still at #4. I think they’re ranked ridiculously high. I guess INCH really thinks their goaltender is somebody. Suter’s gone, what are they gonna do?

Colorado College was off and stayed at #6, but I don’t think they’ll be there for long. A win against Union won’t do anything for them.

The Gophers are up 1 to #9. “Who needs Potulny? We’ve got Potulny!” I’d like to right now declare myself President and Founding Member of the I Hate Ryan Potulny Club. I didn’t mind Grant, but the only Gopher I’ve hated more is Troy Riddle, and that hatred goes back to HIGH SCHOOL and his arrogant locker room graffiti. “T.R. in state, ’98,” he wrote on the locker room walls at SLP. Except it was the ’99 season.

Denver went down 1 to #15. Without Berkhoel… well, we all know that he saved their asses more than once. Let’s see… 5 on 3 in the final minutes of the championship game? You think maybe his teammates could have avoided at least ONE of those penalties? Anyway, Denver’s going to lose to B.C. later this week.

Evidently the Huskies are on the bubble. What do they think this is, March Madness? There is no bubble.

And where’s Alaska-Anchorage?????


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