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17 October 2004

>I didn’t listen to tonight’s game, nor did I listen to last night’s game. This totally sucks. Baseball is sucking. Work is sucking. Hockey is rocking, but I can’t listen to any of the games! This must be corrected. I don’t even know what the lines are, or what the new announcers are like, or if there are any new exciting commercials!

Anyway, remember how last week I told Evan to get his goal on? FOUR GOALS! TWO ASSISTS! SO HOT!!! (That picture is just way cute. I heart him.) Two come-from-behind wins in two nights is great, but should we really ever be losing to Michigan Tech? They are Not Good. Chris Conner is good, but really, you can’t build a team around one player.

Five unanswered goals in the third period. Bring on Minnesota State. (Look out, Brad Thompson! p.s. you were better looking in high school.)

Penalty Count:

Neil Petruic: 5 penalties, 12 minutes

Mike Curry: 4 penalties, 11 minutes

Marco Peluso: 4 penalties, 8 minutes

Justin Williams: 4 penalties, 8 minutes

Neil takes the lead! Marco did not get any penalties this series (he was too busy getting assists) but Mike C. and Neil P. are racking them up. Way to go!

WCHA Recap:


Boston College 6, Denver 2

St. Cloud 2, Northern Michigan 1

Wisconsin 3, Mercyhurst 2

Minnesota 1, Massachusetts 0

North Dakota 2, Mankato State 2*

Alaska-Anchorage 3, Canisus 3 (ot)**


Denver 4, Northeastern 2

Wisconsin 8, Mercyhurst 0

Northern Michigan 4, St. Cloud 2

Colorado College 4, Union 2

North Dakota 2, Mankato State 1***

Minnesota and Alaska-Anchorage were still playing at press time.


** “Donna, how does a tournament game end in a tie?” Well, folks, Alaska-Anchorage won the shootout 2-1. Way to go, boys! Minnesota is going to slaughter you, but I’m proud that you won against a team I’ve never heard of!

***INCH has each team scoring -1 points in the second period. I didn’t know this was possible. Also, 1 + -1 = 1 according to their “math.” Check it out here.

(By the way, I watched Slap Shot 2 yesterday night. It starts one of the Baldwins, but on the bright side, the original “Hanson Brothers” are in it. It’s not as good as the original, not that you should be surprised, but there are some funny parts.)

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