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>Runnin’ with the Badgers

4 December 2004

>While I’m listening to the end of the Sioux game for my buddies at SiouxSports, I’ll discuss the ‘Dogs game from this evening.

Yes, we lost. Boooooo. That sucks.

BUT we played an AMAZING game. That buzzer beater power play goal by Stapleton in the first showed we weren’t going to give up. When it was 3-1 Schwabe shot it to Anderson right off the faceoff and we came back within 1. It was a tough loss, but I think we stepped it up.

Tomorrow I’ll be there. Tomorrow we’d better kill them. MacMurchy is going to be beaten to a bloody pulp by me. I will flick Robbie Earl lightly on the shoulder and he will crumple in pain. I will throw fans through the stands if they dare to insult my ‘Dogs. I am hungry for Badger blood.

Of course, there were the usual non-calls and other bullshit, but it’s to be expected, it’s Wisconsin at home. Robbie Earl “accidentally” knocked the net off when the ‘Dogs had a big chance. MacMurchy punched Rosehill three times but the zebra didn’t see it. Kerry and Greg were on KissCam.

Guess who’s excited for hockey tomorrow??????????????????


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