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>Drivin’ With The Dogs

5 December 2004

>So, here I am in Buckyland, mourning the ‘Dogs’ defeat. But losing 3-2 against Wisconsin ain’t too shabby. I think we’re READY for next weekend and a win or two against the Sioux, who just lost to the Underwolves.

I sat behind a person I thought was going to be a total jerk, but he ended up being a pretty nice guy. I also embarrassed some BADger girl with my superior knowledge of hockey. So I had a nice time even if we lost. I was proud of our boys. We played hard and took shots. We played like the old ‘Dogs. We even had a lead!

There were a few chances that Wisconsin failed to capitalize on where it could have been 4-2 or 5-2. Once a player had a great opportunity and the blade of his stick fell off. It probably would have been in the net otherwise.

Lots of power plays for both teams, but we couldn’t get it together! We should have done more with our special teams, the penalty kill wasn’t too great. I think we are ready for North Dakota next weekend. OH YEAH!!!!

I feel like a total internet geek because I was missing my family chat rooms and posting on Siouxsports. HELLO!!!! I was at LIVE HOCKEY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Oh how I’ve missed it. Gotta try for a game next weekend.

I’m being accused of looking at X-Rated pictures so I’d better go. LET’S GO DOGS!!!!

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