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>Rock Yale Like a Hurricane

26 November 2005

>Though most of you might not know it, I am a Scorpions fan, and by Scorpions fan, I mean “I like a few of their songs and know nothing about them.” This is totally irrelevant. What’s totally relevant is the TOTALLY AWESOME HOTTNESS from last night. That’s right, TWO Ts in HOTT.

Wow. Where do I start? Especially since there’s more Bulldog awesomeness to come in an hour and a half, and I’m being pestered about getting food.

So the game started off a little strange, running only 3 lines because Stapes, Curry, Isaac, Jensen, and Willy decided to come over and hang out at my house instead. We listened to the game together and had a nice time, we drank some sodas, I drove them home after the game, made sure they got home in time, waited at their doors til they got inside safely.

Additionally, since Shepherd got injured, Shepherd had to replace Shepherd with Shepherd. Got that?

The only “normal” thing about the game was when the pseudo-Bulldogs scored first. I don’t like typing all that out so they will just be the bulldogs, in lowercase.

Then the winds of change blew through the house of Bulldogs. It was Goals Gone Wild night! Carroll, McKnight, Gergen, McKnight, Raymond, Raymond, Gergen, McGregor, Davis, OH MY. So sorry that Dad was all the way over in Ireland for this one, because MAN WAS IT EXCITING. My cat was looking at me like “Will you please stop that, I am trying to be cute.” My future dog Gorgar would be howling in agony because I was shrieking loudly. Oh, it was so, so glorious.


and a SHORTHANDER by Mason Raymond. I have to write that really big because it is the first time all year I’ve seen one attributed to a Bulldog.

I do have to feel sorry for the bulldog goalies though. They faced 28 and 19 shots, respectively. That’s like each of them playing a whole hockey game!

In a bizarre twist of fate, Adam Davis was inserted into the game as a forward. One shot, one kill, at 17:38 in the third. 13(!) seconds later, one shot, one kill, except this time, it’s not a goal, but rather an ejection for a check from behind. Settle down there, cowboy.

As for “my” guys, Curry was sitting next to me on the couch, Gergy got 2 goals, McKnight got 2 goals and 2 assists, and Nisky got an assist. I have elected a new guy, Mason Raymond. I know that’s such a bandwagon approach, but he is just so AWESOME I can’t help it. Plus he got a shorthanded goal. Welcome to the fold, Mason!

And finally, all HSWCHA residents have been released!!!! After a 9-1 game, I’m feeling pretty generous.


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