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>The Point

2 December 2005

>I was composing this post while I was driving home from work (which is slowly sucking my soul out through my pores) and so I have to tell this story first. I do appreciate the irony of the title, though. I was driving along and I needed to switch lanes, so I put on my blinker, checked the car that was behind me, and got over. Little did I know, the car behind me wanted to go even faster than they were already going, and so it “appeared” that I cut this person off, intead of what actually happened, which was this person decided to zoom up and close the gap before I could get over. So they decided to flash their high beams at me, and I waved back (but due to crippling arthritis, only one finger actually made it up), so they did it a few more times. Good lord. What is wrong with people?

Anyway, I have so many points to make.

I understand not every freshmen comes in ready for the game, and not every player is destined to be a star. However, I do expect that those freshmen will learn and grow and mature, escalating their level of play, and as juniors and seniors they should be major contributors.

We have four goalies and one is drastically underused. Guess which one?

This weekend is a must-win. It is also a must-have-the-feed-tonight.

Dad should be out of the country every weekend since they just killed last weekend.

I was PMed by someone with the screen name of one of the Bulldog players. I don’t know if this actually means it was him or someone pretending to be him. I erased it without reading it, because on a message board, you can’t trust if people who are they say they are, but I was a little curious. It was someone I have heavily criticized (not Steve Czech), so I’m curious about what they had to say, if it really was him, but oh well.

Game is 25 min away, I’m watching the Gopher-Bucky pregame and listening to the Sioux-Tech game. Lots of hockey tonight! Better go.

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  1. 5 January 2006 11:57 pm

    >I am so happy to have found a UMD hockey blog! But I am so sad because there are no updates! What gives? 😦


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