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>A Statistical Emergency

29 March 2006

>All right, now that I have made it clear BEYOND ALL DOUBT that I am a huge dork, I need to enlist the help of you, my rabid readers.

In compiling some data for my Top Secret Off-Season Project (TSO-SP), I came across this game summary, and there’s an abbreviation that makes no sense. On the final goal, there are two abbreviations: EN, which I know means empty net, and AG. What is AG? People, help me! I’ve been pondering this for weeks! It gnaws at me night and day, it churns my stomach, it tears me up inside! Save me from this unending hell of not knowing what the heck AG is! (I am going to feel stupid once I learn it, I’m sure, but better to ask and appear stupid than keep quiet and stay stupid.)

UPDATE: The esteemed Patrick C. Miller, of USCHO/SiouxSports fame, informs me that the AG refers to an “awarded goal.” Oshie was pulled down on the play, and would have been awarded a penalty shot, except the net was empty, so it was automatically ruled a goal.

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