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>Runnin’ With the Blogs

1 April 2006

>I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the kind folks who have linked to me since I stopped being ashamed of Runnin’ With the Dogs and started advertising it. And by advertising, I mean putting it in my signature line on message boards I am a member of. I realize I haven’t linked to ANY of you, but I am going to pass the buck on this one. It’s not my fault, people. I have wanted a redesign of this site since… always, I guess, and it’s happening, but oh-so-slowly, and the sad thing is, it isn’t even going to be particularly spectacular (Ha! Take that!) Once the Aaaaalleged Webmaster gets something other than a bannerhead and color scheme going for me, then we will see. He wants to unveil the new website as the new season starts, I disagree. I’m just impatient like that.

So, as a consolation prize, here’s a little recap of the season’s blogs.

The Bruce Ciskie Show
Bruce doesn’t link to me, but it isn’t ripping my heart out or anything. I find football extremely dull, but I do enjoy the things he has to say about hockey, especially since he’s got an insider’s perspective I could only dream of (and oh, how I dream of it!) Bruce is a master of the art of sarcasm (both on his blog and during his broadcasts), and you know how the RWD staff feels about sarcasm…

Colorado College Hockey
I haven’t visited CChockey too often, but the eponymous writer over likes to make you think s/he is a serious writer… and then slips in a sentence or two that will have you ROFLMAOSHIPIMP (rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off, so hard I peed in my pants).

Full DECC (Link updated 4/10/06)
Brad is another Bulldogs fan, and we found each other (isn’t that all warm and fuzzy!) over at The Penalty Box. He is a major high school hockey fan as well. And not just boys’ hockey, he pays attention to girls’ hockey. While I wish there was checking in women’s and girls’ hockey, I still believe it needs to be supported, in the hopes that one day, there will be justice, in the form of checking, in the world.

The Golden Nation
I’d never heard of The Golden Nation until I discovered it on my site tracker. I wandered on over there to see what was going on, and I discovered Satnu had quoted one of my tearing my hair out-style posts. I wasn’t exactly thrilled that he thought I was whining, but I understand the Internet is not the forum for subtle nuances. He’s an all right guy, despite his well documented man-love for Ryan Potulny.

Goon’s World
Goon is someone whom I know from the SiouxSports forum, and was kind enough to link to me based on my witty repartee over there. Until someone corrects me, that stands as the truth. I admire him for his strong convictions, and his dog, who resembles my imaginary/future dog, Gorgar.

Let’s Go DU
My sports blog idol is Bat-Girl, but my college hockey blog idol is Dggoddard from LGDU. The USCHO 5, “Water”gate, the Fox 9 Investigations… I can only dream of being the blogger DG is. I can also only dream of that disallowed goal being allowed.

Maverick Hockey Nation (added 4/6/06)
I just discovered this blog today, thanks to some craftiness on my part. It’s definitely in its infancy, but with Blogger Hottie of the Year Chris (Ithink that’s the same guy!) giving him a hand, I can only expect great things from down there.

Michigan Tech Hockey
Again, I’m not officially linked to by MTH, but that’s fine by me. The blog’s pretty new, and started essentially at the end of the season, when it’s tough to find content, but I look forward to seeing what MeanEGirl (and her partner in crime, HuskyHockeyWriter) comes up with. Hopefully not sticking any hockey sticks where the sun don’t shine.

Nottingham Pandas
Oh. My. God. These people are so crazy. I want to fly over to Jolly Old England and go to a hockey game with them. Or just go on a pub crawl. A blog exchange program should be established: they come here and go to a Bulldogs game with me (preferrably against the Gophers, for maximum harrassment potential), and then I could go over there and party it up with them. As Dom says, it’s a World-Wide Hockey Love-In between us; they even put a picture of “my” guy, Matt McKnight. Come to think of it, if I ever do meet the Pandas, I will definitely refer to it as the World-Wide Hockey Love-In (WWHLI, because you know I enjoy acronyms).

UAA Hockey Fan Blog
People put down Seawolves hockey (myself included,to some extent, as I do refer to them as the Underwolves), some people call for their expulsion from the WCHA (not me!), but Drop The Puck is a dedicated fan. On game days, he walks out of his igloo over to his oil derrick, extracts enough crude oil to power his snowmachine, and heads on over to the game at 1 in the afternoon, while it’s still light out. (I’m kidding, people. You can’t power a snowmobile on crude oil.) It’s easy to be a Badger fan, or a Gopher fan, or a Sioux fan. It is hard to be a Seawolves fan, and I give DTP mad props. If I ever fulfill my dream of moving to Anchorage, my first purchase is going to be Seawolves season tickets.

Western College Hockey
Chris from WCH gets my Blogger Hottie of the Year award, not because I’ve ever seen him in person, but because he so consistently links to me, and tells me I’m funny, which is the ultimate in flattering for a person who a year and a half ago didn’t think anyone would find her the least bit entertaining. I really enjoy WCH because I don’t really pay much attention to hockey outside the WCHA (is there hockey outside the WCHA?), and as a responsible member of the sports media, I should. Chris, dear, there’s nothing wrong with being biased. Just as long as you’re biased towards the ‘Dogs, you’re good to go.

The Wisconsin Hockey Blog (added 4/3/06)
I didn’t get the opportunity to check out Badger Backer’s site until I realized that I was linked to on their site. While I am loathe to appreciate or even not mock anything Wisconsin-related, browsing through the posts, I found BB pretty knowledgable (meaning I have obviously never met this person before, because like I said, I’ve never met a Wisconsin fan who knows more about hockey than I do) and I am not at all ashamed to add the link here. This site incorporates women’s hockey as well (although since they’re the national champions this year, it would be hard not to), so big ups to them for that. Let’s forget I said “big ups,” by the way.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone, but if I did, it isn’t because I don’t care. It’s because I’m lazy.

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  1. 3 April 2006 12:53 am

    >When my daughter was still a baby we had the prettiest little snow “mobile” hanging above her. It sure didn’t seem substantially constructed enough to “ride” so I’m really confused about how you guys manage that.Fly High Duluth! … SNL is still funny sometimes.

  2. 3 April 2006 11:52 pm

    >My Dog and I thank you.

  3. 10 April 2006 1:56 am

    >Hello Good gravy, I thought you had given up posting new stuff so I haven’t been on for awhile. NOw it will take me hours to go over all the Blogs that I need to check out to see if any of them really know what they are talking about Love, Gramp

  4. 11 April 2006 3:42 am

    >I COMPLETELY agree with you about dg’s blog. It’s always GREAT reads. When I read his blog and then look at what I have created, I just want to delete mine. =PBtw, I tried linking everyone’s blog today… and, well… I hate blogspot and html. I had a hard enough time changing my colors… That took me a few days… this may also.And as for you, keep up the great work. I dare say your blog is *just about* on the level of dg’s. DAMN close.

  5. 11 April 2006 11:36 pm

    >Anyone with a zebra avatar like yours will come up with some great stuff to say. You just started at a really crummy time, just as the season was ending. Trust me, come September/October, your blog will rock.And my blog is nowhere NEAR as brilliant as DG’s, but I REALLY appreciate that you enjoy it here.


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