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>Hitch Up Your Wagons!

6 May 2006

>That’s right, get Ma and Pa and little Half-Pint, we’re headin’ on the road with the ‘Dogs! I’ll need someone to come along and shoot buffalo along the way, but beware, because someone on the trail has got to get cholera and die.

Here’s the schedule, and where I’ll be.

Oct 5: vs. Lakehead
These foreign games are super fun! It’s always nice when you’ve got players who speak totally different languages and come from completely different cultures can come together and play on the same ice. I bet I could come up for this one, we’ll see.

Oct 13/14: vs. UMass-Lowell
I enjoyed seeing UMass at the annual Gophers Invite Cupcake Teams So We Don’t Get Embarrassed At Our Own Tournament (GICTSWDGEAOOT, for short), because they almost did what they were invited to not do. However, that doesn’t bode well for the ‘Dogs. I’ll be listening at home.

Oct 20/21: at Wisconsin
No one enjoys a good road trip to Wisconsin more than I do, and normally The Hick, my Official Wisconsin Tour Guide (OWTG), and I would be going to the game, but the following weekend ruins those plans. It does save me from hearing their awful power play cheer. Listening at home this time.

Oct 27/28: vs. Denver
THIS is a PARTY WEEKEND in Duluth. It is MY BIRTHDAY and I will BE THERE, and they had BETTER SWEEP. ROCK!

Nov 3/4: vs. Minnesota-Twin Cities
Why couldn’t they schedule this series for the previous weekend? An offering of Gopher carcass is at the top of my birthday list! I’ll probably be at Joe Senser’s for this one.

Nov 10/11: at Michigan Tech
I believe a road trip to Houghton would be an amazing time, but I just can’t make it this year. Listening to this one in the comfort of my own home.

Nov 15: at Northern Michigan
I like the idea of this series, it’s very retro WCHA. However, how will we respond to an extended road trip and a Wednesday game? Very interesting…

Nov 24/25: vs. St. Cloud State
Are you kidding? I can’t go to a hockey game on the Biggest Losers Coming Out And Buying Cheap Crap Day of the Year! I’ve got a job, sucka! I’ll be lucky to even listen to it.

Dec 1/2: at Alaska-Anchorage
Oh man, oh man, oh man. Don’t tempt me. I am obsessed with Alaska. I want to go there so, so badly. I want to freaking live there. And can you imagine the insanity? Two bitter, rage-filled bloggers like Drop The Puck and me watching a hockey game together? Oh. My. God. Sadly, gotta listen to this one.

Dec 8/9: at Bemidji/vs. Bemidji
Hmm… I find the home-and-home intriguing. I suppose I could head up to Bemidji, and bring along THGIA, since she’s a Beaver alumna. We’ll see on this one.

Dec 15/16: at Minnesota State-Mankato
I could definitely head down to Mankato for the Saturday night game, it’s only an hour away, so I discovered during a random road trip last month.

Dec 29/30: Ohio Hockey Classic, Columbus, OH
Wow, last year they played in a tournament in sunny Florida. So a logical choice for this year was… boring Columbus? Uh, yeah, no thanks. I’ll admire from afar. With my ears.

Jan 5/6: vs. Michigan Tech
This could be a fun series to go to with my mother. She and I went to the Very Exciting Bowling Green Massacre of 2004, and it would be a great follow-up, if she’s around. The jury’s still out.

Jan 12/13: vs. Colorado College
Duluth? In January? Uhhh, let me think. NO. My apartment is nice and cozy and warm, and I don’t think my car would appreciate it.

Jan 19/20: at St. Cloud State
I can trade in my wagon for a snowmobile, strap on a mullet, and head up to St. Cloud for one of these games, I’m sure. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Jan 24: vs. Northern Michigan
Again with the cool Wayback-Wednesday game. I won’t be there, but I’ll certainly be rocking out in some Zubaz and a bad perm.

Feb 2/3: at Denver
I don’t think I need to go to Denver YET AGAIN. Please no one give me a reason to go, unless it is a good happy reason with rainbows and sunshine, and it’s free.

Feb 16/17: at North Dakota
I missed out on the Grand Forks Road Trip last year, but I have a feeling there’s one crazy Mexican lady who would love it if I came up there and drank many beers with her. It sounds like a nice little Valentine’s gift!

Feb 23/24: vs. Alaska-Anchorage
If things don’t work out for the Grand Forks Road Trip Part Deux, I’ll go up to Duluth for this weekend. Otherwise, it’s sofa city, sweetheart.

Mar 2/3: vs. Wisconsin
Remember how cool it was to watch us clinch second place in the WCHA against Wisconsin in 2004? Well, I wouldn’t mind a rerun. It would be cool to have this on TV, but alas, I’ll probably be listening to Brucie by the grace of the Internet.

Mar 9/10/11: WCHA Playoffs (First Round), TBD
I can’t really say what I would be doing for the first round, since it’s still “to be determined,” but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “watching from home.” Maybe it’ll be a sports bar, maybe not, but I just hope it’s on TV.

Mar 15/16/17: WCHA Final Five, St. Paul
Since it is, as Hank Williams, Jr., might say, a “family tradition,” I’ll be all over the WCHA Final Five, as usual. You can look for me on the Jumbotron, or being escorted out in handcuffs.

Mar 23/24/25: NCAA Regionals, TBD
The NCAA tournament is not in my plans this coming season, even the “Faster Track to Success” plan, but I’ll have my eye on the regionals anyway, providing there’s interesting matchups, or hotties, or exciting Gopher slaughtering.

Apr 5/7: NCAA Frozen Four, St. Louis, MO
One day, I’ll be there, but alas, the day will not be April 5 or April 7, 2007. If you’re going, enjoy St. Louis, because it’s a darned cute city. Stay away from those riverboat casinos, though.

This is by no means a definite itinerary. I might end up missing a game or two here or there that I was planning on attending, some anonymous benefactor might take me to the Frozen Four, I might finally get that Bulldog assistant coaching job. Who knows what this season might behold for us? And it’s only FIVE MONTHS AWAY. I wish I was a reverse-bear and could hibernate all summer.

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  1. 9 May 2006 7:37 pm

    >Best schedule post evah …Sitting anywhere in my vicinity at the Sully will pretty much guarantee you’ll be assualted with “why don’t you shut up glares”, “popcorn from old lady DU fans”, and “imaginary pummelings from a UAF fan”. Even UAA fans get up and move when they see me park my Hank Hill-like butt.

  2. 10 May 2006 12:11 am

    >Dude, you and I would so rock as co-season ticket holders. We would be unstoppable.I, however, have a butt more like Jennifer Lopez.

  3. 10 May 2006 1:10 am

    >JLo’s butt and Hank Hill’s butt in close proximity is an event with potentially cosmic consequences I’d think. But the whole ying/yang of it is at least attractive.You’d have to be in charge of Usher Communications though since my highly confrontational attitude with Nazi’s could ultimately result in something other than unstoppableness.

  4. 10 May 2006 4:10 am

    >Do you like anything? hehe

  5. 10 May 2006 5:21 am

    >Cheeseburgers. Mountainous Summer Alpine Meadows. Lime Sherbert. Red Bull & Vodka. Campfires. Dina Meyer. Stanley Kubrick Films. Tool. String Theory. Good Arguments. Asian Drivers. Col. Jack O’Neill’s Smart-Assery. Altered States of Conciousness. Uni-Ball Ultra Fine Pens. Seafood. Marlboro’s (‘cept when I hate ’em). The Smell of Rotting Leaves and Berries in the Fall. A Glassy Lake at 4AM in July. Herb. Ginger Snaps. Hot Chocolate w/ Peppermint Schnapps. Funny People. NPR News and All Things Considered. Leash Laws. The Ambiguously Gay Duo. Speeding. Long Pretentious Lists.

  6. 10 May 2006 10:33 pm

    >I notice that the UAA Seawolves did not make the list…String theory? Now we’re talking!

  7. 10 May 2006 11:14 pm

    >Well UAA Hockey goes without saying. All those other things are pretty much just window dressing. So I guess what I’m saying is that I’d like to speed to a UAA hockey game in an altered state of conciousness with Dina Meyer in the passenger seat alternately feeding me Cheeseburgers, Ginger Snaps and Lime Sherbert. I’m pretty sure I’m doing that right now somewhere in the Multiverse.

  8. 11 May 2006 12:15 am

    >I almost feel sorry to break up this blogcommentversation.How come everyone’s schedule is out but ours? I seriously think I could compile the Badgers’ schedule on my own just by looking up everyone else’s, but I’m way too lazy.And, the power play cheer is one of my favorites. I think it was at the 2002 Frozen Four when some 13 year old girl sitting by me said to her mom “Are they going to stop singing that yet? It’s getting annoying!”Of course, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard the cheer while sober, so maybe that would change my perception.As for the Badgers-‘Dogs game, I’d say there’s a decent chance it’ll be on TV. FSN is picking up more and more Badgers games as the years go on and we’ll probably get even more given last year. I think I got to see at least 60-70% of the games this year on TV.Fox College Sports has a lot of hockey, but it cost me $5 a month. College Hockey is a public good, it should be free. If only Ted Turner went to Wisconsin…

  9. 11 May 2006 2:47 am

    >BB, it’s not like you have anything else to do. Hop to it!Of course the power play cheer is one of your favorites. It’s YOUR TEAM. LOL. Also, do you live in Wisconsin, or Minnesota? Because FSN doesn’t always carry everything here.

  10. 11 May 2006 4:20 pm

    >I live in Minnesota, but during hockey season I subscribed to Fox College Sports on digital cable. I got every Badger game that was on FSN in Wisconsin live. The only ones I didn’t get were the ones broadcast on network.I didn’t say it was because I couldn’t do it – it’s because I’m too lazy to do it. They’ll release the schedule soon.Oh, and there’s some Badger cheers I don’t like. For instance P-U-T-I-T-I-N: PUT IT IN! We NEVER score when we do that. It’s bad karma or something.

  11. 11 May 2006 11:17 pm

    >Ever since you began this site the dogs have been on a down hill slope. Maybe you should take the hint and shut it down for two reasons. So the dogs start to win again and so you don’t show the world how big a loser you really are. Something to think about?

  12. 12 May 2006 2:46 am

    >Maybe I should just kill myself, instead, no? Good lord.

  13. 12 May 2006 7:08 pm

    >Love your blog! I came across it by accident and am SO glad I did. It’s very entertaining. In fact, I must share it with my friend, who was your Bulldog Hockey mascot all through college, a few years ago. Keep the funny posts comming. Good luck this season!

  14. 13 May 2006 1:35 am

    >Yes, he was the hockey mascot for all 4 years he was at UMD. I think he graduated about 2 years ago. His name is Mark and he’s a die hard Dogs fan. We went to the Saturday game at UMD when the Mavs played them last winter…and even he had to leave early due to the butt kicking we gave the Dogs:) That game though had the best hockey fight I’ve ever seen at the end!

  15. 15 May 2006 6:04 pm

    >Okay two things here.1) I think the Badger powerplay chant thingie mabober is the COOLEST thing ever. Even when I go to Madison to watch MTU @ UW, I must use all my will power so that I don’t join in with them. It’s tough.2)I completely agree that this blog should be stopped. Of course, it’s one of the most entertaining and fun to read blogs out there, but, Runninwiththedogs, I think you should write for my blog instead. I’m completely out of ideas for the offseason (hell, even for the onseason), and I can’t get the damn looking like I want it to (though I mostly blame stupid Blogspot for this).Sigh, since there is a slim to none chance of (2) working out, just keep up the good work here, I guess.Oh yeah, one more thing… get your lazy arse to Houghton on 10-11 Nov. I’ll give you a place to stay if you need.


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