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>The War Continues

28 July 2006

>I think it’s awesome that someone was actually led to this site by searching for Anthony LaPanta. Possibly even La P himself! What a huge letdown for whoever was led here (although maybe not! Welcome, fellow La P hater!)

On a side note, La P has got some messed up hair going lately. More so than usual.

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  1. 28 July 2006 3:04 pm

    >I’d take LaPanta in a cage match over both Clay Matvick and Jim Rich…that guy’s one bad mo-fo.

  2. 29 July 2006 12:45 am

    >What ever happened to Clay anyway? He seems to have disappeared… possibly the cage match already occurred?

  3. 29 July 2006 4:55 pm

    >Oh I love the hair comment! Although, as the resident hair critic, i think i need a picture…For news on Clay Matvick go here….

  4. 3 August 2006 12:48 am

    >Doesn’t LaP still announce St. Paul Saints games? If so, he does it with an ex-baseball player from my hometown. Maybe I can hook ya up:) HA HA! Funny how I have these weird connections to people you’re interested in…first the ‘dogs ex mascot and now LaP…hmm…

  5. 3 August 2006 3:05 am

    >LaP does not do the Saints anymore. As for the ex-baseball player, he might still be announcing, depending on what his name is.FYI, the Saints PA guy, Rusty is wicked hott.


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