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>Just Because You Drive A Lexus Doesn’t Mean You Can Cut Me Off

3 August 2006

>Tales of a Road Warrior

So, the other day Mr. Zippy and I were driving along, going home from work/sitting in the parking lot all day (guess which one did what?), and some horrible woman in a Lexus cut me off. In case you didn’t glean that from the title.

Anyway, that isn’t so much relevant as it is annoying, but it’s hopefully not a prelude to come when the RWD Staff hit the road tomorrow. That’s right, we are headed north on 35 (and then subsequently 53) on our hajj to the Bulldog Mecca that is Duluth, followed by the Runnin’ With the Dogs Once Every Two Years Gathering Of Staff (knowing my penchant for acronyms, you already knew it was coming… RWtDOETYGOS) at the top secret lakeside retreat. RWD, the Aaaalleged Webmaster, UMDDogz, DA, Gramps, H and L will ALL be present for the summit.

So, in other words, I’m on vacation, suckas! Not that I post that often anyway…

P.S. LaP was spotted on TV wearing a red polo the other night. YUCK! Someone should tell him that it doesn’t work on him! Also, I am fairly certain if I were driving near him, LaP would cut me off.

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