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>Consumer Alert!

9 August 2006

>Again, here at Runnin’ With the Dogs, we exist solely to serve you. And once again, it has come to our attention that there is yet another Faux-Dog out there on the loose.

Look out, people.

FYI: I am semi-back from vacation now, although I have only been semi-present the entire summer. So look out, because another post might hit you when you least expect it.

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  1. 10 August 2006 3:56 pm

    >That quote about hockey and sex is probably my favorite. Well, that or Chris Rock’s hockey quote. And I didn’t reazlie Orel Hershiser was a Bulldog. 😉

  2. 11 August 2006 12:55 am

    >He is a Faux-Dog. SEE!!! Without me, how would you know?Look out, Ralph Nader! I’m the new consumer advocate!


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