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>Where’s MY Frozen Custard?

22 October 2006

>5-2 Wisconsin.

Sometimes, good things happen to bad commies. (Well, that’s redundant.)

I’m good to go, though. We’re better than I thought. And that’s cool. I guess tonight’s game got away from us a little. Bruce was apoplectic on the air over some non-calls, but I can’t comment as I didn’t see. And it can’t be all about the officiating. I did NOT appreciate the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from Alex Stalock, especially after I received the official explanation. THAT was not an officiating screw-up. THAT is going to get you thrown in The Humane Society of the WCHA! Alex is the first resident of the year! That is not good! Why so many exclamation points!?

Things were looking good for us when we struck first. And things were still looking good when we tied it up 2-2. And then they just looked… well, if I were to place the rest of the game on a The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly post, it would be in bold on the Uggo list.

It did sound like we were doing some good things. Lots of blocked shots. The 4th line sounded better than it has all year. I didn’t hear too many scrambles around the Bulldog net.

Why dwell on the negative? We didn’t get swept. We put up a darn good fight on the road, in a tough building. That place is INTIMIDATING, the way I imagine the Kremlin is. On the plus side, I’ve never had so many people pissed off at me since I wrote a controversial Letter to the Editor to the Daily Illini! I am rivalling Donald The Puck! And all with a little satire! The Animal Farm post is evidently the Dumbest Blog Post Ever. I find that hard to believe. I’ve certainly written worse things about Wisconsin previously, but I am always proud to reach a new low.

Points Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 25 (no change)
Wins Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 11 (first conference win will come on my birthday: you heard it here first!)

My “Guys” Competition:
Matt Niskanen: 7
Michael Gergen: 2 (Yes! I’m not a curse!)
Matt McKnight: 1 (Also not cursed by me!)
Mike Curry: 0 (I should seriously consider giving Mike 1/8 point for every game he does not have a charging or an elbowing penalty, and 1/4 point for every game he does not take a penalty at all. But I do think the physicality he brings to the game is something we’ve been lacking. He just needs to take it down a notch at times. He did have a pretty good night tonight, it sounds like!)

That Gergen-McKnight-Carroll line is going to be un-be-freaking-lievable. I can’t even wait.

Freshmen Competition:
Fulton: 2
Akins: 1
Stalock: 1
et al.: 0

Not a lot of freshmen action tonight… but many of them were not playing. Maybe next weekend?

So, on the plus side, two more of my “guys” got on the board. VERY SWEET. It’s only a matter of time before Curry gets on there… when’s the next time we play Michigan Tech?

Potential Awesomeness upcoming for the Denver series. Watch for it here! (On the site in general. Not in this very spot.)

Exclamation Point Count: 12! 13.

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  1. 24 October 2006 4:51 am

    >If you’d gone to the game, you would’ve got frozen custard too.

  2. 24 October 2006 6:02 pm

    >But it’s FAR!Would you mind bringing me yours?


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